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#1 Dec 01 2010 at 6:08 PM Rating: Default
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So I played the open beta but now that the games been out for a couple months, and taking into account the upcoming december update, I'd like to ask some questions before I decide to potentially jump in:

Repairs - how apparent is the need to repair? Do melee classes repair more often/expensively than archers and mages? 

Crafting - is it required to level more than 1-2 crafting classes? (are they totally interdependant) 

Exploration - how much of a game world is there to explore? Is it the same featureless 5-6 main zones, or are there places of interest within each zone? (wasn't the case in beta)
Are the zones fun to traverse, or do they lack character an charm?

Leves - are they engaging as grindable quests/hunts, or do they feel like chores?

Polytonous - is there more to do than leves and storyline quests? 
If not, is there variety within the current limited scope of content?

General developmental aspects - I like these aspects of mmos, as they keep you engaged. These aspects include tasks such as: setting up a bazaar, repairing, traveling, rank grinding, farming, etc.   
Are these aspects well fleshed out and rewarding? Do they add character to the game, or are they boring and pace-killing?

Tell me anything else that will flesh out in my mind what the experience is like.
And don't mention the coming-features, I'm well aware of them.
Also, I'm already aware that man people think the console release will revitalize the game.

#2 Dec 01 2010 at 6:28 PM Rating: Good
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Repairing is the same for all DoM/Dow classes. Armour wears very slowly, weapons break constantly.

You don't need supporting crafts to just level up a craft but many complete item recipes require a sub craft.

There are two more zones and the invisible walls of beta have been lifted. Still, there really isn't much to see as, other than curiosity, I still haven't been given a reason to travel outside the three starting zones (they can support you up to r50). There is very little variation in environments and the world feels pretty lifeless. It's not the plastic theme park of WoW where you pretty much walk from attraction to attraction but it's also not the magical world of FFXI where every zone had its mysteries to uncover.

Leves are a chore to me. Having said that, I hate the quest based leveling system of WoW even though many people like it. I just don't see how soloing simple task after simple task is engaging in any way.

We used to have exp groups but SE just nerfed that to the ground. Now you pretty much do leves and behest for SP. Low to mid ranks can try to grind mobs solo with varying success.

The game is a lot smoother and in many ways makes more sense than in beta. I still wouldn't call it a great MMO by a long shot but hopefully we'll get there before long.

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#3 Dec 01 2010 at 7:09 PM Rating: Decent
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I too played the Open Beta and I just naturally progressed into the release. SE is still plugging gaps and trying to add content. The UI update in November has been outstanding and I personally expect the December Update to bring the game closer to an enjoyable experience. Keep in mind that I'm not an "Endgame" type of player and need less to satisfy me.

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Certain crafts are more interdependent than others. If you just want to zerg one craft high without leveling others I suggest either alchemy or cooking.
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#7 Dec 03 2010 at 1:31 PM Rating: Decent
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I personally can't stand crafting so I do as little as possible; just enough to repair my own equipment.

So far I've had to take Clothcraft, Blacksmith, Goldsmith and Carpenter to about level 10 in order to do so.
It's not really a necessity as you can still go to the repair NPC and have your equipment fixed to 75%. (for the cost of your first born and 2 kittens)
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\I also played beta and been playing sence release. Like said above the NOv update was huge in having the game play smoother and faster. You no longer need to wait 1 min to craft. Its pretty instant now. THe Guild Leves are fun at times and they feel like a chore at times, but only if you feel you have to do them. With the lack of content you pretty much want to do them. Crafting is ok and at times i love it. Other times it feels like such a chore. SE is doing a great job on getting this game up to speed and where it should of been at release. SE still has a lot odf tweeks to do IE the SP system. I think once they add more content, witch is on the way the game will start feeling like an MMO.
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