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Following Instructions in BehestFollow

#1 Dec 01 2010 at 10:29 PM Rating: Excellent
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So I joined a behest last night with a full part of 15 people. I said to myself, "This is going to be awesome! We're gonna own this."

And then the chaos ensued.

Even though we were told to /assist the party leader (and i'm not even sure there's an assist macro yet, and if there please do let me know), people began fighting two monsters at once. The monsters died within 5 seconds, making it virtually pointless to try and keep up with everyone else. Regardless of this, I still fought at least one of the two monsters that were claimed. So what's wrong?

Some a-hole in the party decided to call me out about attacking the wrong monster, along with the other half of the party. The other 5 people doing the same thing did not get called out. So here I am, trying to do a behest and actually function by killing stuff instead of standing there and letting them power kill stuff, but I'm being heckled and cussed at by some pretty severe language.

Yes, I understand that if you kill something that doesn't get claimed you don't get SP. Which sucks, and I hope they fix that issue or find a way to make the monster be claimed.

And Yes, I understand that I was in the wrong by not following the same instructions set forth by the party leader that a few others were also not following.

But I REALLY don't like it when I'm the one called out on such an issue.


Long story short, does anyone here ever have problems with crazy power hungry leaders trying to run a behest party, when a 15 person party under the current battle system and target-unfriendly environment makes the whole process utterly ridiculous? It just stuns me to no end that people would puke profanity to such a degree at people that are trying to accomplish the same common goal :-(
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Megalomaniacal party leaders are nothing new. Same with party members who don't follow instructions. Best bet is to not be "that guy". At least the party leader's angst won't be directed at you. It doesn't matter how many "that guys" are in the group. As long as you're not one of them, you're fine.
#3 Dec 02 2010 at 12:20 AM Rating: Decent
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lol i just wish there was a pt around when i do behests i always end up getting killed a lot trying to solo it but I'm getting closser to killing that last mob. O well still haveing fun and maybe I'll get some Ls members out soon
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#4 Dec 02 2010 at 12:35 AM Rating: Default
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I suggest you lead a behest yourself.

It helps you understand why he yelled at you as you will prolly do the same when you are in his position.
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Marking mobs helps, and imo, it's what every party leader should do (behest or otherwise). Mark the group of mobs that's going to be engaged and say something like white>blue>red to set the order.
I never get too fussed about people making mistakes when I lead behests. Some mistakes are unintentional, it happens, some people are doing behest for the first time or are new to MMO partying in general, we all were newbs at some point and that's ok with me. Repeated mistakes because someone just refuses to listen after a civil explanation will however result in a kick for my own and my other party members' sake and sanity (but mostly because of other party members since I don't want to expose them to the 'stress', even if I myself can bare it).

One other thing, I've done many behests in both English speaking parties and Japanese ones and somehow the Japanese ones were always better organised and I knew exactly what to do even though I couldn't understand them. Plus they seemed super nice to the outsider, me.
Then again, I had much fun in some totally chaotic English parties as well. We died, we ran all over the place, but everyone was having a laugh regardless.

My feeling is that in PUGs people should in general just chill the eff out, and leave the 'real deal' for the LS groups with vent.

#6 Dec 02 2010 at 8:30 AM Rating: Good
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In defense of the guy who attacked me, I wasn't following the instructions correctly so I admit that.

In my own defense, this was only my second time doing behest, with the first time being only a group of 4 of us. It just seems to be generally hard to do with 15 people, because things die so fast that by the time you target the monster and go to attack it, they are dead :-(
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Well, you say he mentioned some instructions beforehand. If they were clear then I guess joining up somewhat binds you to those instructions. Though there's lots of gray area between strict rules and setting a couple guidelines before having some fun. Depending on how serious he was about it from the start, I may have left if I could tell he was that kind of super-serious person ordering me around so he gets max SP. I don't need that sh*t from some jerkoff in a video game...

The few large party behests I've been in were all chaotic and all about having fun so they went well. I don't know every detail of your situation, but if he said the magic words then I would've told him "GFY", blist, & moved on. I'd say to watch out for party leaders who are way too serious if you're the type that's more about having fun...

It can be tricky determining someone's full meaning through text sometimes as well. Someone like me, who swears a lot with/at his friends in a joking way, may come off really angry & harsh through text to strangers. Not giving the leader in question an out with that statement, but since I wasn't there it's another possibility. Even so, he could probably use some pointers in dealing with being a leader when it comes to a new game with lots of people still learning. And everyone could use the occasional reminder that it is just a **** game...

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#8 Dec 02 2010 at 2:12 PM Rating: Good
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Did a 15 man behest last night. There should be enough people that you don't need to focus on a target; just zerg stuff and don't stray too far from the group and you do fine.

Unless people were dieing a lot his actions were completely unjustified.
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#9 Dec 02 2010 at 2:19 PM Rating: Good
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Behest is just like an old SP party if you do it right, the fact that one person's actions in a large behest facerolls everybody is entirely unjustified. If the name is red, kill it. If you attack the wrong one, just switch targets and down them before taking the others. Most Behest enemies don't come in groups of more then 3 so its not particularly dangerous, but if it is just kite them away even behest enemies have limits to range.

Unless your super squishy it can be handled in a timely manner. Behest are not static, expecting perfect precision and execution is just unrealistic. Only end game should (and rarely) require finite instructions and execution to be completed, Behest is not one of these.


#10 Dec 02 2010 at 2:37 PM Rating: Decent
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Where do you have behests with even 15 players participating? xD

All behests I do, are weith LS mates I do leves together with, and we are usually the only ones doing that behest...on the other hand were doing Rank 40 the camps there are usually not really "crowded" xD

But still, I often do Rank 30 Behests when im running through and see the battlewarden up, and most times I'm still the only one doing them...many players doesn't seem to have noticed that Behests are really nice SP/time now, or just don't bother. The rewards are still crap, but the SP you gain in like 15min is really nice.
#11 Dec 02 2010 at 3:12 PM Rating: Good
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It was a R20 behest at Bloodshore. I agree completely that 15 people was utterly overkill, but for reason everyone was doing it lol So the party leader invited everyone and their brother and expected 100% complete organization...
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