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#1 Dec 03 2010 at 2:30 PM Rating: Excellent
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Hi everyone, I'm here to post something I think might help everyone out in FFXIV,

I've been doing a lot of thinking and coming up with different ideas and have come up with one that I hope make it to SE's Dev teams ears, I know that I'm hardly what you call a Game Designer, but maybe some of the things that I came up with might work. Also please forgive some of the crudeness and poor punctuation of my writing.

Ok so most of us have played though the game pre-patch and have found that that random SP gain was a little unfair at times, example fighting an orange or red Monster and getting little to no SP from it, for some people this system worked for them and for most it didn't, so SE's newest patch fixed this by making that Monsters now give SP apon there death...

But wait a minute, this wasn't how this game was meant to be designed was it...

Well lets think back, I remember that the Development of this game was not meant to be gaining Exp(SP) and that it wasn't going to have a leveling system, it doesn't matter how you slice it a Rank is = to a Level, the word Rank is just another way for this game to describe it as a level, and there is a Physical Level too, so yeah I guess they never where able to make that happen. I think I know what they where trying to get after; they wanted to make the game designed almost like Final Fantasy II, where the more you use a weapon or skill the better you are at it or using it,like if you are able to hit a hard to hit Monster your DEX would have a chance to increase, Attack a monster with High DEF your STR would have a chance to increase, at least that is the way I read, I maybe mistaken, if so I apologies what they talked about in past reviews is what made me think that this is the way the game was meant to be designed around, hence the random SP gain.

Now the latest patch did away with the Random SP so you gain SP and EXP after you kill a monsters, though many would feel that this is the way the game is ment to be played, I would only have to partly agree, though you should be rewarded for killing a monster to gain SP, that alone shouldn't be enough...

Farming Coblins for SP wasn't the intention the designers had in mind I'm sure, But how could anyone blame the players for doing this...

Well It has to be because the monsters where not design for this kind of SP system. This System now feels like it is distending itself from what the armory system may of meant to be. Rewarding the player for what they do during combat and not what they kill, having the player performance in battle should be part of the skill gain.

What I'm trying to say is that players should be getting SP from engaging a Monster with in there Ranking range but as you Rank increases the SP gain from Monster you fight should steadily increase, like a Rank 1 GLA vs a Rank 1 Monster will yield less SP then a Rank 11 GLA vs a Rank 11 Monster and so on, but depending on your classes will determine how you are rewarded additional SP from how the player desires to fight the Monster, weather it be just to fight them lazy, Continuously hitting the monster until it dies will yield less Additional SP at the end then attacking and using TP or spells in combat.

Below I'll try to explain better how might the two classes could gain there additional SP.

Disciples of War:
~Land Physical hit successfully
~Landing a Critical Hit
~Taking Damage
~Use of Same Class Abilities
~Use of Same Class TP Skills
~Parring or Blocking Monsters attacks
~Killing the Monster

Disciples of Magic
~Land Magical hit successfully (Including Attack spells)
~Casting Attack Spells
~Casting Support Spells (self or Party only)
~HP recovered (Self or Party only)
~Casting enfeebling Spells
~Use of Same Class Abilities
~Killing the Monster

If it helps I'm kind of taking my Idea for this new SP gain system from the FFXI's Campaign system of Gaining Exp.

To keep players from Monopolizing on Sp gain, there will be a limit how much additional SP can be gained in battle much like what is shown in the above link; limit should steadily increase as your Rank in crease.

Also Monsters should stop yielding Exp and SP if your Rank is too high, in which I think two new Colors should be add to the Monster Color Icons:

Purple = NM or Boss Monsters
Black = Not worth the time (Mod is way to low, No Exp or SP can be gained)

I know this topic is very rough around the edges and I'm very sure I've missed something, but my hope is that a system like this or something similar will be beneficial to the Battle experience to the game and not make a mundane as it is now making so players have to get use to there skills understanding each class in either or War & Magic and that they can do in either or Soloing or in a party.

Thanks to everyone that has taken the time to read my post, Also apologies for my typos if any.

#2 Dec 03 2010 at 5:23 PM Rating: Good
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Nice thread/idea. I would double-post it in the suggestions forum. Although a mod might move it anyway... but I think it would be nice to discuss this here since people are split on SP right now.
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#3 Dec 03 2010 at 6:22 PM Rating: Good
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I was thinking of a way to implement pre-patch and post-patch. If they gave a guaranteed based SP and get additional SP's gained for using abilities.

For example:
Blue: 40 Skill points (base)+ additional SP for abilities
Green: 80 Skill points (base)+ additional SP for abilities
Yellow: 120 Skill points (base)+ additional SP for abilities
Orange: 160 Skill points (base)+ additional SP for abilities
Red: 200 Skill points (base)+ additional SP for abilities

This would at least give you a basic idea of what you well get minimally.
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#4 Dec 03 2010 at 6:42 PM Rating: Good
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What they need to work on in my opinion, is simply just scaling the SP earned better. right now at higher levels mobs are giving like 0.1-0.3% of a level's worth of SP each. I'm not saying it should go linearly, but even at higher levels, a level should be like 250-300 mobs tops IMO.

I think I'm alot more conservative than most people, but personally I don't think any level of any game should take longer than 3-5 hours, or say 1 night/saturday afternoon. I think thats plenty of time to adjust to any new abilities, or new mob tactics for that level, and any longer is just stalling.

#5 Dec 03 2010 at 7:54 PM Rating: Decent
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I like the old pre-patch system more, they need to just work on it a little. It actually penalizes people for having gear with broken and weaker gear and also less afks, it makes you want to try more to gain more SP.

Would be great if they kept the old system, summed up all the SP in the party and divided it up to each player. And then depending on your rank, if too low out of 5 rank range you may get a penalty. Broken gear should also be penalized individually.

This would eliminate afk leechers. Give people reason to repair and get decent gear. Reason to eat food. It will bring back the challenge and incentive to fight red monsters. It will eliminate PL a low rank on high rank monster. Everyone will rank up at similar rate.

And I wish they brought back the exp chains! Or make SP chain in this game.

#6 Dec 03 2010 at 8:40 PM Rating: Decent
Though we all know they wouldn't use it, SE already has a solid template for this with Skill-Ups in XI. They would basically need to merge the Campaign cap system with the Skills increase system, then tie it into Attributes. And no copyright problems!
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