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Must we have a big Cataclysm ad backround on the home page?Follow

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Lmao! Because Wow is about leveling up ? Also care to mention that he did cheat to get first 85? He used the same method he used in Wotlk to get to 80, wich is he tag's a large numeber of mob's and has his guild outside of party kill them for him to claim the xp, he was banned before and he will be banned again.

Also 5 hours of content ? i have played since release and i'm not even done with the first 80-81 zone (Questing and i did started the other 80-81 zone) and i still got 4 zones to go. And that's not including that they did revamp the entire world, every race starting storyline is new, every zone quest's(90% of them anyway they did use some old one's) are brand new, new item's, new bosses, and they up the difficulty of the raid's, last expansion around this time, we had the first full cleared of Naxx on both modes, yet i havent even seen nobody downing a boss from a raid yet XD!

The only thing i don't like is this

Damm long line to log in <.<
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