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#1 Dec 05 2010 at 11:41 PM Rating: Good
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I am a casual player which means I play leveling/craft/leve couple hours every night. Matter of fact I cannot possibly play each class more than 8 hours per week and therefore I don't think I will get "Fatigue". Which brings up my question for Skill points.

I thought the current SP is given in a fix amount which based on the mob's level right? Therefore, yellow mob should give more SP than a green/blue mob? Why the f--k did all the blue mob would give me 91-124 SP and then a yellow mob only give me 86SP and Orange mob only 124Sp? I tested it on Con, Mrd and Pug.

Am I really missing something about the SP changes from Nov update? Or is the new SP system really broken like this? Or am I Fatigue/surplus????

#2 Dec 06 2010 at 12:47 AM Rating: Good
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1.SP is base on both mob and rank. So to answer your question. higher rank doesn't necessary to give more SP.

2.Party will give you better SP/s than solo a lot. but most current players seem to not realize it or that they just lazy to start up a recruit or call their friends, when they can get SP/s at the rate of 50% of PT themselves.
-the maximum SP gain I could ever get solo up until now is 8k/hrs. (killing mob in dungeon at full speed)
-the maximum SP gain in party I could ever get after patched is 18k/hrs. (not sure if this is the best yet, but it is party in group of 6-7 people rank 44-49 to kill raptor in full speed. we could kill raptor as fast as I solo weak mob in tamtara... but gain 175 per mob)
(consider it is 80k-100k per rank after R44+, gaining 18k/hrs => very good rate.. 4-6 hrs/rank)

3.For some unknown reason, even in pre-patch that party got a lot of boost in SP, I only saw JP recruit party... now post-patch with less SP boost, I don't think you will be able to find any English PT recruit. Best bet is to learn japanese.. or create your own group.. <,<; (solo is both slow and boring, I wouldn't suggest any casual players spend the time doing so if he want to rank up during limit play time)

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sp isnt broken, in fact it was just fixed. dont mistake changed for broken. partying is still the most efficient means of gaining sp, it just takes a little more thought than finding the biggest possible mob you can take down without dying and prolonging fights to get max. and even tho partying may still yield max results, solo play is now more than viable as well.

fully understanding the mechanics of the new system is key to maximizing results, there is good sp to be gained out there with the right mindset and a little preperation/research.
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