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Fix your Fn wards SEFollow

#1 Dec 09 2010 at 6:43 PM Rating: Good
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And by fix I mean GET RID OF THEM. I just settled in for a relaxing evening of Coblyn murder. Checked my inventory and figured I better get some arrows before I head out. YG shows several retainers in LL with fang arrows for sale (of course I use YG because after 5 years in development and 3 months in full release you are STILL too incompetent to install a search method of your own) I am thinking to myself SWEET! There's tons of them available and at a low low price too. To make it better, they were indexed a couple hours ago. I head to the wards and.... THEY ARE EMPTY. Its bad enough you shove this hammered dog $#!= system down our throats, but is it asking too much for it to actually WORK?

Gee I can't wait until you (theoretically) install some convoluted piece of crap search system (only using every other aspect of your game design up until this point and making an educated guess) so I can go to an empty room and still buy NOTHING.

Yeehaw! Another wonderful night of using warped arrows (because GOD FORBID you make anything else available to us outside of Grid.)



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We should start a pool when SE will finally implement the AH.

Instead of currency we can wager ZAM karma. . .

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chomama wrote:
We should start a pool when SE will finally implement the AH.

Instead of currency we can wager ZAM karma. . .

That's harder to raise than gil...

And while I don't particularly support the aggressive tense of the OP, I can't but agree with his opinion, that constant reset is a pain.

Can you imagine... an AH when suddenly all the items go back to the players because the server crashed?, that would be seriously messed up.

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