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How does repair work now?Follow

#1 Dec 12 2010 at 11:40 AM Rating: Decent
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Good day all.

After the last update, repair is not like the same, its not 10 ranks below the item rank.
Ttoday i repaired helm rank 48 and am armor 31, tried to repair iron longsword with my BS 30 and didnt work (need to wait), a rank 35 BS couldn't repair it(need to wait), i went to uldah and a rank 34 BS repaired it.

I asked him about his other crafts ranks, and he has carp 31 and the rest between 16-22 and the BS 34.

So how does repair work now?

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#2 Dec 12 2010 at 12:12 PM Rating: Good
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Was the R34 BSM using support? I repaired my own R22 ARM main as a R20 BSM with full support, then tried someone else's hammer and couldn't repair it without support. That was only a 2lv difference...

#3 Dec 12 2010 at 12:28 PM Rating: Good
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The issue here is not that the game picks and chooses who can repair what, but the biggest concern is the rank to which it can be done, if it s a +1 or +2 or +3 changes the rank required to repair it by +5 for each one. In either of your cases was it a HQ or not, since I could repair my armorer hammer way before 20 on my blacksmith and I could repair other people's hammers too.

Since OP was in Uldah and it was a blacksmith, then i doubt he had support like guild or master to overcome it. And I do not know for sure whether or not that actually lowers the rank to repair it. The only thing I can say is that maybe that rank 35 blacksmith wasn't a rank 35 blacksmith and he was counting support or something, because if a rank 34 can do it, then anyone of that level should be able to do it.

And for the record I've never been able to repair my own armor and not someone else's when it is same equipment

#4 Dec 12 2010 at 12:38 PM Rating: Decent
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when i said cant do it, i mean the system wont let him, geting a msg where it says you have to wait
#5 Dec 12 2010 at 12:44 PM Rating: Good
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Yeah and I said maybe he wasn't rank 35 like he said he was. Same thing happens if you are on the wrong job. I've never had one person able to repair something and another person not repair if they are the same rank for the same item. It just isn't like that.

#6 Dec 12 2010 at 12:55 PM Rating: Decent
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daour wrote:
repair is not like the same

Well, sir, then it is like the different.
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lolipedosan wrote:

The repair system has changed. It used to be 10 levels minimum, i.e. to repair armor lvl 38, bronze plate, you had to be level 28 armorer at least (With or w/o guild support, which does nothing as for repairing I think). I repaired bronze plate armor (cuirass, sabatons, etc) at 24 armorer, making it at least a 14 level minimum now.

I was level armorer soley to repair my gear (same with BSM) now, it seems I don't have to go as high a level.

Needs further testing to find the REAL minimum, thanks. I'm thinking 20 levels.

My own theory

LW R19-20 can repair Bronze Plate Belt (R38) but can not attempt Leather Skirt (R37) or Tarred Leather Thighboots (R36). My theory is that the new repair system is:

Optimal Rank (OR) for Recipe (synth) is compared to Optimal Rank for Item.

If OR for Recipe < OR for Item, OR for Recipe is used. Following previous pattern of OR -10 ranks for NQ and +5 ranks for every HQ +

If OR for Recipe > OR for Item, OR for Item is used. Following the previous pattern of OR -10 ranks for NQ and +5 ranks for every HQ +

For example, Bronze Plate Belt OR for Recipe is around R20 but OR for Item is R38. OR for Recipe is used, hence the lowest Rank to repair NQ is 18.
Tarred Leather Thighboots and Leather Skirt OR for Recipe is R35+ and OR for Item is R36/37, hence the lowest Rank to repair NQ is 25+

I could repair Silver Magnifier Green (R36) at R37 before I can actually attempt it at R38+ Goldsmith -> The OR for Recipe is roughly first level to attempt + 10 -> 48, hence the Item OR was used.

This is to ensure that you can fix all the R50 +3 items, because all those Synths Optimal Rank are not 50, but closer to 45, so you only need R50 Craft to repair them and not R55.

FYI I have zero ARM rank but I can still repair the Bronze Plate Belt.

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