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#1 Dec 15 2010 at 5:34 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi there! I've been away from the game since about October but figured I'll give it another shot since the latest update, plus it being Free-To-Play (for now) and all.

One thing I recall is that it seemed like having (multiple) crafts leveled was a great idea, if not essential. However, it appeared that, in order to basically use any recipe, you needed multiple crafts leveled. And, each recipe I kept going backwards for still mentioned another craft needed.

So, what I'm looking for/wondering is... does there exist somewhere a guide of sorts for skilling up crafting in general? Something sort of like...
1) Go gather these materials and use them in this recipe for this craft. Do this until you are X level in this craft.
2) Now you should go gather these materials (and potentially use the stuff you just made) and then make this recipe for this craft until you are X level in this craft.

And so on, for each craft, sort of skilling each up since all of them (except Fishing, I believe) seemed (when I last played) to be inter-dependent upon each other.

Honestly, I'd love to learn a variety of the crafts, so a guide like this would be awesome. Or, if it is actually easier to just powercraft one skill at a time, let me know as well.

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Since you can only level one crafting skill at any given time (you have to change jobs to level another) I would just recommend picking one, popping over to its forum, looking at the guide, leveling it as high as you want to, popping onto crafting job 2, repeat. Crafting all jobs to lvl 10 is extremely easy.
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Alchemy and Cooking can level quite well together without a lot of imputs from other classes...
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I notice you are on Selbina. My linkshell has a number of high level crafters in it that would be more than willing to give you some guidance. Send me a /tell in game and I can meet you for an invite.
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