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My retainer disappeared on me. Now what? D:Follow

#1 Dec 16 2010 at 4:02 PM Rating: Excellent
And he had all my gear on him! He was 100/100 and 10/10 bazaar...I searched for this problem but I seem to be the only one, what can I do?

I logged in today as usual, and went to the Fronds in Uldah to summon my retainer Timleary. He didn't appear, I didn't get a menu, and I got the message 'You don't have a retainer to summon'.

Guys, Tim Leary stole all my gear and items. I don't know what to do. I'll go to SE's tech support, but if anyone has a fix or solution to this in the meantime I would really appreciate it...seriously, he had hundreds of thousands of gil's worth of stuff on him. Smiley: cry


Update: I don't know exactly what happened here, I talked to Kyle on customer support, he asked me if I'd maybe deleted the retainer. I didn't THINK so, but that 'dismiss from service' and 'dismiss for now' are pretty close to each other, and I thought it was possible I'd just made a mistake. It sounds like the kind of thing I'd do. Smiley: banghead

He told me to talk to the NPC in Grid and see if there was anything there, if not, to call a GM. I talked to the NPC and there was nothing: I decided to suck it up and start again, so I ordered another retainer, and when I went to summon that second retainer, Timleary appeared in my list again.

I don't know if SE's customer support helped me out or if it was just a glitch, but either way the problem has been resolved, so thanks to Kyle for his polite help, and I'll leave this for reference in case it happens to someone else.

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Facekey, local gilseller wrote:

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Sorry to hear that. I'm not computer savvy so can't really help you there. My layman's fix is: re-log. If that doesn't work then you probably have to contact a GM and/or customer service, and hope they can recover the data and whatnot.

Hope you can reunite with your retainer!
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When you dismiss your retainer the last time, did you accidentally dismiss him/her for good?
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