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how to do levequests?Follow

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I tried my first levequest ........... but am absolutely clueless. The game isnt telling me a thing on how do do anything ..... either that or I am just not seeing it.

I have to do "T dig a drymoat" whicj requires me to make some bronze pickaxes. I have bought a saw from the carpentry shop. Do i need to find a recipe to make the pickaxes?
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First of all read the quest description in your journal (what you have is called a local levequest), you either already have the ingredients or you need to procure them by talking to an NPC (you never have to buy them for quests). Read description, it'll tell you who you would need to talk to to procure materials OR it will tell you who to deliver it to after making them. Once you know/have the materials you simply equip the "weapon" required for the class corresponding to the leve (i.e., if you chose a weaver quest, you would equip a rusty needle) and then simply open the main menu, you'll see a prompt at the top that says "synthesize", click it. A new window opens up in which you can input materials into manually in order to craft, you don't do that here, but notice the button at the top of the window it says "Required Recipes" or something, click it, choose the quest you're working on, and you should figure it out from there.
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