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FXIV's Payment options any changes in store?Follow

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Sorry if this has been asked before I looked through pages before it and didn't see anything on the subject. I like many left FFXIV initially and gonna give it another go. I know for the time being no charges are being made to anyone for further notice however since I've been out of the loop the past 2 months. I wondered has Square made any comment on their horrible payment plans? I'm still baffled why they don't have a monthly direct pay plan like they did with XI directly to them. I'm reluctant at best to use the service they are using with all the horror stories I've read about them and knowing my luck I'd prolly end up being one of the horror stories ha. I know that is the least of their worries atm but have they made any comment on it?
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Use crysta from game cards if you are worried.

Not that it matters at the moment tho.

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Well game is still free for a long time. + SE never received our money directly for FFXI, it always went through a third party just as any MMO does it, it was just camouflaged and for whatever reason they didn't do that this time - but whether its "click and buy" or little red riding hood, you'll still have to give your money over to someone before it transfers over to them. For the time being, however, SE isn't taking money "indefinitely", that is, until they have a plan for game worthy of people's money.
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