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#1 Dec 20 2010 at 4:48 AM Rating: Good
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Could someone kindly detail the various levels of coblyn mobs beginning with the ones in nanowa mines and up, with locations.

Also, if there are other viable mob families for SP solo/duo grinding.

My understanding right now with the way SP is currently structured, leve linking and behest combos might be the most efficient way of gaining SP, but this isn't always available to me, so any alternative suggestions are most welcome.


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Thank you. Based on this it would appear doblyns are next, but unless I'm not fully utilizing the database properly, it doesn't appear to site level and location for these. Can someone further help? Essentially, I'm look for mob/location to grind 30 conjurer on, so this, and any other alternatives/suggestions is sincerely appreciated.

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Iron Coblyn will most likely be most efficient at that level still.

Doblyn will destroy you - they hit like a truck.

I grind them as 37 lancer and they hurt. But they are located in Copperbell mines and around one of the 40 camps in Uldah (sorry forget its name)

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Sphene Doblyns are also in the area near to the ferry to Limsa and in the canyon towards Mor Dhona..
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Mhhh.... I did grind some ranks pre-rank 30 but now it's really tedious to. I find myself feeling better just leveling slower on Behests and leve linking only, no solo/duo grinding at all. Not real fun after R31.
As an offtopic; the Coblyns are becoming my new faved mob, they're just so.... weird and twitchy. Wonder if Goblins will manage to get their title back ^^
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Coblyns make me want to play in first person mode. Nice monster model!

Thanks to the posters who detailed the R30 range coblyn locations.
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I am not 100% sure, but i think the level preogression of difficulty of the Coblyn/Doblyn family is something like this:

R01-15: Copper Cobyn
R15-20: Lead Coblyn
R20-35: Iron Coblyn
R35-40: Peridot Doblyn
R40-45: Quartz Doblyn
R45-50: Sphene Doblyn

There are others in the family according to the database, but I think those are leve mobs. And within each group there will be some that are higher and lower strength.

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Thank you all so much for taking the time to respond with your guidance.

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