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In another thread it was discussed about bringing back or introducing the idea of player versus player (PvP) into FFXIV. So far what we learned that an open public (in any time and place) about PvP would be a bad idea. However, what I considered to be a good idea is keeping the classical options Ballista similar in XI. I want that sensation to come back around or soon to be introduced in XIV. Not because of other games, because of XI, so I like to keep a focal point about it besides hearing about other games. Now, with the leves timer or content that is currently being developed we can take this sort of advantage to burning some time. Like on XI, when there was nothing to do ballista is a great opportunity to do something then nothing or just waiting on SE fixing/making more content of the game.

I want to share what I mentioned in the other thread. PvP can be made just as the game can be made on the visuals and opinions of others. What if it's not leves? How bout gil? Sp or Exp even? Casual playing was the reason why the game now is still alive on XI. However, until they started to raise level caps and further expansions, and now more players are returning to XI and getting into ballista as well at the same time.

But anyways, central idea is if PvP is for casual players, and XIV was made for casual players then people would be still interested in it. Again, I say this with much emphasize that it's not going to affect your game play if it's at an area and you have to sign up just to interact with one another fighting. Remember, I want to keep this XI-IV related on PvP experience + ideas.

    Play style

There's three styles I wanted to share on PvP. The versus match, defend the area, and tactical. Instead of regular PvP or Ballista if you will, this variety makes it fresh and interesting to one another of the game play. Sometimes even having the same thing done over and over can become dull over time, so I thought of the most simple and classical way an MMO pvp should have.

    Versus match

Pretty straight forward. Group up and slay the team. No scoring necessary and team with the highest kills wins. Now, this is interesting. I wanted also to have other options as well either every man for himself or group slaying too.

-Tolerant on losing points or not being K.O.'d

    Defend the area

I thought about this when I thought of an old game I played. How bout defending the area from the opposing team trying to destroy your home base? You can either destroy the the enemy base or defend yours depending on what your team does. Depending on which side of head quarters (HQ) is more damaged wins the match. Slaying enemies does not give you points. Defending/Damaging HQ of the area will give you the points.

-Players will not lose points for being K.O.'d.


Good o'l classical tactical match of the team slaying/scoring. Like XI for petra scoring only this time a little more interesting. Slaying one another gives you points by 1/2 but you get full points when scoring. You must get a kill status (gate breach) in order to score. To get the gate breach you can either get it by slaying one yourself lasting up to 10 minutes or getting one from someone else in your group but only receiving the effect of five minutes. Getting K.O.'d however will lose your status of gate breach.

-Players are given 1/2 points to slaying players one another. Players must objectively scout players or the area. Full points are given those who score.

-Players will not lose points for being K.O.'d. This will set a balance so players cannot abuse the system of getting their points hurt as what happened in XI (if you were the high scorer of the game and was K.O.'d often, your ranking of the system would go down).

    Area related, rules, & notes

-Quarry (or I like to call it scavenging) for items.

-Certain areas will offer items already given (i.e. potions, items, etc) some not.

-Auto JOB sort system will be balanced. This means getting the same amount of melee/mages on both opposite ends.

-Instead of "grouping up in party" you will be automatically in group already.

-Changing gear during match or jobs will cause a 1 minute disabled movements or commands (also includes skills/stats).

-Automatically getting a gate breach (kill status for scoring) if near within other players say 100-200 feet. This will save the trouble of having to be in a party at all.

-A vote caste system or auto vote (if the vote is a tie it picks by itself) of play style it's going to be.

-A personal coliseum in every city that offers daily ballista every level of two digits (i.e. 20, 40, 60).

-IF NOT the city Colosseum then other areas that includes climates of rain, snow, vegetation, or dry land for PvP.

-Maximum players able to join 20 (or if people like big groups, 30-40). I picked 20 because that is the reasonable amount I saw on XI that had no lag in the fight. However, more than that caused the game to be a bit slow.

-Able to join say for example if the level cap is 20 and you're 13, you can join similar to doing leves.

-Must sign up to interact to an NpC and must pay (wager) an option of either 5k or up to 30k.

-Time of match would be between 1 to 2 hours. During the match.

-A store NPC that offers the battle "goods" needed to prepare for the match (i.e. tools, food, potions, or even arrows).

-NPC weekly score board. Score board gets reseted at the end of Sunday.

    Reward system

-If person or team of the match is won, then rewards will win the amount that the team put in. This means what you put in and what others put in will give you the amount won.

-SP & Exp rewards like a fair amount. My idea on this one would be the amount of hour played in PvP will be the same amount you put into leveling/solo similar. This will not abuse the system of PvP if it can be played only in every 1-2 hours cycling and then needing to wait the next day say around 12-24hrs. Again, just throwing that out there.

-Instead of key item medals maybe a "Fun" item earned as the top player given an equipment that warps you to the next match. Warp item costs 1 or two anima to warp and can be used again every 24 hours.

    Restriction system

-There is no wear loss of durability during ballista PvP registration.

-If a player is afk from the match more than 10 or 20 minutes, person will be unregistered from the match.

-Weapons or equipments can be used but above the cap system will be restricted of stats given.

-During matches people can join if there is an opening & Npc (the register) says it aloud in open say.

-Teleport service (if in open areas and not in coliseum) paying cost of 1-2 anima to warp to the next match or future matches. This can also be offered at the location of the city or out of city matches warping you to the next match free similar to XI giving you a free key item a warp home and a warp to the next match.

-Teleport service within the area of the match is not available except warping back (for emergencies or events) at cost of 1-2 anima.

-Leaving the area (or even teleporting yourself) will reset your score of the match and must interact again in order to obtain the full rewards at the end of the match of the game. This will avoid people trying to come back and forth on ill means.

Please let me know what you guys think. I gave it some couple of hours coming up with this. Let's make PvP (XI style) come alive and enjoyable for every other person to love. Remember, this is an AREA ballista that you have to sign up for. It WONT affect your game play in any particular way.

Edit: Correction added & forgot to mention about wear loss

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Disable equipment from accumulating wear or else not many people would play.
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#3 Dec 20 2010 at 1:32 PM Rating: Decent
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EpedemicOptikz wrote:
Disable equipment from accumulating wear or else not many people would play.

That'd be obvious.. imagine having to stop and change class to a crafter to repair your weapon during a ballista match.. ><
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It's added to the category. I just completely forgot.
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Have my babies, I love your ideas.
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I wonder, what's better a coliseum or climate areas? I'm wondering if a coliseum would be big enough.
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