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My feedback to SE regarding SPFollow

#1 Dec 21 2010 at 9:44 AM Rating: Good
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I make proficient use of SE's feedback form regarding this game. I'm just guessing that they have limited staff available to read through these forums and others to get a good idea of what players are actually complaining about. In regards to SP gains, I tried to make it easier for them. Here's what I sent:

Please fix non-leve SP gains. Many players currently feel that the SP system is still broken after the last adjustments, and I agree. Currently there is no incentive to find a party outside of leves and behests. There is also no incentive to fight the larger harder monsters since you gain almost the same amount of sp from say a coblyn as a giant crab, where the coblyn takes 30 seconds to take down solo and the crab takes a minute and a half or so with a group of 5. My suggestion is to use a system similar to what we had previously where there is a bonus given based on the number of payers in a party, and larger sp gains are given for more difficult mobs.

I'd like to direct you to a few posts on with players complaining about SP gains:;mid=12929011264628766;page=1#m129294499257279874

Thanks for listening. You guys are doing a great job with the recent improvements and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the coming months/years.
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