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When would you be willingh to pay the monthly fee?Follow

#52 Dec 26 2010 at 10:09 AM Rating: Decent
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I'll pay for this game once they do two things:
add enough non-leve non-job related quests to keep me constantly busy (or to at least give me a reason to talk to npcs), and once they completely rebuild the battle system so strategy and teamwork play an important role in winning battles.
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#53 Dec 26 2010 at 12:25 PM Rating: Default
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I'd be willing to pay when there is an AH, side quests (give me something to do between 10 level gaps and give all those NPC's something to do besides create lag because of loading them.)

Fix the party recruitment system that people can and will use. In it's current state, it may work, but people don't/won't use it. Becomes a time sync to figure out and use.

A party flag and levels. I liked the way I could see /sea all level w/e in Final Fantasy 11. So many easy ways to search for things but here it's clunky. Fix what is here, refine it.

A mailbox (please!)

An AH (please!

I'd love a pet job.

I'm a casual player, hense I solo. Once I hit 20 solo'ing became difficult. This trickles down to the party seeking system that is in game now. I can't find a people to level with.

Also adjust the amount of SP. For groups, those that are mostly LS driven, it maybe fine. However for solo'ing it's a lot different.

I miss the feel of community. Final Fantasy 11 had this feel. I believe it came from the party interracting and making new friends as you grind up the levels (ranks) together.

Not everyone is in an LS for different reasons:
1. Many LS's started out of beta or right out of release. (I started playing during closed beta and the "beat the crowd LS's started forming.)

2. Can't find one for lack of community.

3. People choose not to be in an LS but still want the feel of community.

Right now, espeacially for lower levels, it's guild leaves that reset every 36 hours with the same content. Difficult to create parties of same levels. People are jumping all over the world doing leaves so it's difficult to recruit for parties. SP's and mobs not equalling out as you climb in rank. Killing the same mob over and over for lower SP for hours isn't fun solo.

SE said they wanted a solo friendly game, well please work on that after Rank 20.

I am happy with most of the improvements, especially UI. Beta was so bad. This is getting better. I do keep playing and I do enjoy the game. I just think lack of content and way too many NPC's just blindly sitting there is non productive as well.


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#54 Dec 31 2010 at 10:15 AM Rating: Default
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Domino7337 wrote:
When there are enough NPC quests in the game to make it from r1-50 with minimal grinding and leve-questing. I want to feel like i'm actually accomplishing something while i'm ranking up, other than committing genocide on Coblyns or repeating the same quest over and over again via leves.


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