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#1 Dec 23 2010 at 4:06 AM Rating: Default
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Hello all, I finally decided to give ff14 another go here and it seems that I'm having issues with weapons. Whats the general pattern here. Do folks buy their upgrades from vendors, do they craft them, or is one or the other more efficient and/or expensive? I researched plenty of sites and what little information is out there seems to say that weapons are expensive to buy from vendors. Like the bronze spatha for my gladiator is 35,000ish.
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You either..:
1) Buy them from an NPC for a fixed and usually high price..
2) Buy them in the wards.. admitting there is someone selling the one you're looking for..
3) Take up crafting and make them yourself..
4) Have a friend of the same class lend you weapons they no longer use..

Well there you go.. I don't think there are other options beside these..
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35k is nothing in this game. It's possible to get more than that from a single leve.
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Jefro420 wrote:
35k is nothing in this game. It's possible to get more than that from a single leve.

It's nothing, but think about all of the pricey gear people sell (generally based on how cool it looks) that you'll need to buy + the higher/fancier it is the more it costs the repair NPC to repair it to 75%+ which adds up nicely if you don't repair it yourself or someone else does then throw in weapon upgrades.

So it's nothing to someone with a good foundation of gil, but to someone just starting out and with leves on a 36hr timer, it adds up very quickly. (especially if you hoard your shards and crystals for synthesis rather than sell.)

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yeah someone just starting with only R1 and R10 leves doesn't have the same access to gil.

My advice would be to use a weathered glad from the npc then find a dagger. I know it doesn't look as cool as a sword but you can get one from a bazaar/markets for 10K (often less) quite easily. Then you can repair it (r1 blacksmith with a bronze nug can repair a dagger) and find a friendly alchemist to upgrade it to a silencing dagger for R14.

To ensure you can do that just keep an eye out for silencing potions while you are ranking up GLA to 14. After that a brass dagger (R19) is prolly cheaper than the brass spatha (or whatever it is called) - and it can be upgraded to a sleeping dagger or a paralyzing dagger at R24

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memories of farming my blau dolche flooded back to me upon seeing that pic ^^
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