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Playing FFXIV and other jRPG - how to compromise the time.Follow

#1 Dec 23 2010 at 6:44 AM Rating: Decent
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Hmm I would like to know from you how you do it when playing FFXIV (or other mmo like FFXI) and you as well want to play some other jRPG offline game (let's say Suikoden series for example but it could be whatever else).

How to you manage compromising the time between this MMO and that jRPG? For now my hobbies ware devided into periods like when i was playing jRPG in my free time i didn't do any other things like watch anime or play something else. Usually those periods looked like

- Play jRPG "X" for month (don't do anything else in free time)
- Then when finished "X" watch some anime - don't play any other games
- Let's Say you finished watching that anime series in 2 weeks. Started reding a book which took you wekk - don't do anything else beside reading that book for a week.

So i was having some schedule like that (through that is only example to show you that mianly when i do one thing i didn't done other, when i was tempting myself with world of One jRPG i didn't messed with other storylines like from some anime or other games until i finished)

Now i got FFXIV... and here arrise my problem(especially after 2 months of only playing FFXIV in my free time) of correct time managment so nothing will hurt since we all know you can't finish MMO in a month then move to next thing >,<

How do you manage in those kind of situations ZAM Forums members and FFXIV/FFXI players?
Based on your opinions and stories and advices i think i can manage to build some proper shedule that nothing will get hurt.

PS: As a free time i understand a time you have for play/reading/watching something, i don't consider free time = meeting and socializing with people, that falls into other category here.

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Lol this just reminded me of when I was playing FFXI and seeking party I'd always play FFX during that time...I got in a good few hours of gameplay before I found a party so worked out great for me.
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That's pretty much what I did too. I read books or play handheld games while waiting to get a group or anything started on FFXI/V. I used to try to do what you did, but I can't always sit through a game the whole way through, especially if I get stuck or there's other things I want to do also.
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I'm suprised you guys are having that much trouble finding a group in FFXIV. Usually, when I look for party members in this game, I have a group of 5 or 6 within minutes.

edit: nvm, I missread that you said you'd read a book while looking for members in XI, I can believe that. I remember it taking hours in that game on average.

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I watched movies, series, or anime while waiting for parties. At least I was entertained even while waiting. :)
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#6 Dec 23 2010 at 11:30 AM Rating: Good
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I play both XI and XIV atm. I switch from XI to XIV when the realization that the world of Vanadiel is coming to a close hits me, then I switch from XIV back to XI when I run out of Anima to give it some time to restock (or when I'm sick of hearing the Failed Synthesis sound).

In the meantime, while waiting for something to happen on XI, or deciding what route I need to take on XIV, I watch a little of This and browse a little of That

...all while searching for a second one of These ._.;
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