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How to be a Behest SuperstarFollow

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First of all credit for this goes to >> Kent Covers << he posted this in our LS forum. Its a straight copy paste job no editing so typos spelling etc not my fault, thought id share as its quite good :P

How to be a Behest Superstar

1. A SUPERSTAR always shows up as late as possible...Many group leaders might say they hate that 3 min time limit to form a group, but they sure are glad you came with 30 sec to gets there blood pumping, and it makes them a better fighter in the battle ahead.

2. If you see 14 other people running to attack a mob that is highlighted red, just go your own way, solo that white mob....Your a SUPERSTAR not a lemming who follows the pack.

3. If people constantly spam in group chat "Please attack the red mobs only", just ignore them, I mean there is no way they can know more about the game than you right ? Your a SUPERSTAR, everyone should marvel at how you handled that Lowland billy goat on your own.

4. If some people seem ADAMANT and try to educate you, saying things like, "Only red mobs give SP"....Just explain to them how you got 21 SP from the white mob. They might try to confuse you with text like this...but are they a SUPERSTARS?

*Group Kills Red mob = Full SP for everyone
*Single player Kills a white mob = No Sp on that mob for anyone
*If group kills red mob and single player has not killed his white mob, then that mob becomes the new red target = Reduced SP for Everyone about 60% loss

5.AOE is your friend!!! Make sure you try to agro extra mobs that are not part of the behest...MORE SP! They will LOVE YOU! I mean not only are you soloing behest mobs but taking on extra mobs to WOW! Sure all those extra mobs went running for the mages who are not SUPERSTARS and suddenly went to zero hp, sure the whole behest party is in total chaos looking for the red target.....But in the end, your making them all better players, improving there reflexes and what are they ever going to reach SUPERSTAR status if they don't get stronger???....*They might try to confuse you again, but are they SUPERSTARS?

*When there is more than one mob that is highlighted red (Example 3 Bombs) ....You only need to target one of them to get SP for all of them....So you don't have to feel rushed to AOE this encounter to get credit for all 3.

*When your AOE hits white mobs (while red is highlighted), its almost the same as if someone was soloing a white mob. Your group is losing SP as the penalty for hitting a white mob is = to how much HP it lost when it was not highlighted red.....(Example-If you are fighting 3 bombs that are highlighted red and in range are another 2 elementals (That are white), and you blast Aoe to hit all 5, you lost some SP on the 2 elementals)

*Pressing F8 will target the closest mob to you, this is much faster than hitting Tab, which will cycle through players and mobs.

6. A special note for ARCHERY SUPERSTARS....Make sure you stand all the way in the back and wait for that special moment when all the melee are about to pounce on the mob....THIS IS YOUR CHANCE! Show them how powerful your are by hitting the mob first and making it run across the field to get to you! Now all the melee in behest are going WOW that Archer is powerful! It's a good thing he is making us stronger with all of these Sprints back and forth.

7. A special note for Gladiator and Pugalist SUPERSTARS when the ARCHERY SUPERSTAR does his powerful move (See above) stand on the other end of the field and provoke or taunt! Now the mob will ping pong between the archer and the tanks, this is a special mini game in behest that all players not of those class types LOVE!

8. When Behest is over, make sure you do a victory lap around the battle warden and always fire up this song at the crystal.

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I live my life by this guide.
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Usually i'm the kind of player that confuses people by saying all the BS you listed, but now i see how i was wrong...
i'm totally gonna follow this guide from now on.

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Best guide that I've seen for FFXIV yet!!! I AM a SUPERSTAR (just like the Karen Carpenter song) and Behest Ping Pong is prolly my favorite mini-game in FFXIV. So go ahead ARCs and CONs ... make my day; I'm up 6-0 and getting rdy to "skunk" you =P

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you forgot one:

If you're the behest party leader, never invite people who don't speak your language without using the autotranslator because there is no auto-translate phrase for "attack the red mobs only".

Seriously, I was doing a behest at bloodshore on Sat and there was a group of Japanese players that wouldn't invite me. I figured ***** it, I'll just take a big mob and take forever on it so no one gets SP (I can be a vindictive ******* on occasion). So I just targeted a group of goats, which of course eventually turned red while the other party fought white mobs for the entire behest.
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Lol Metin this is so weird...

I was just bored today and thought I would fire up my zam account and post my Superstar thread.

If i knew you where going to post it I would have saved myself some time ^_^

We must have posted at almost the same exact time...I didn't see it before i put mine up, sorry all, did not mean to spam.

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You forgot about the guy who that when mobs pop behind you runs back to attack them while the majority of the group gets confused. They run back and forth trying to find the red mob.

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This was a funny read! Made my brother laugh too.


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Very funny post, well writted!!! Had my laugh for the day ^^b
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I used to play the hate ping pong minigame in FFXI all the time, I'm glad SE has implemented the same minigame in FFXIV!
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This is the greatest thing I have ever read. I will now try my best to be a Behest SUPERSTAR! :D

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There are only two real behest superstars. ViKtoricus Fergoozo (of Karnak) and Eliza Joran (of Besaid.).

Now please close this thread for not acknowledging those demigods.
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