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How is FF moving alongFollow

#52 Jan 03 2011 at 2:23 PM Rating: Decent
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hehe I Kinda just posted this and forgot it I am sorry.

Thank you for the person defending the common sense aspect of my statement. Yes I am trying to avoid fanboys and white knights. When i was posting while playing for every negative post a handful of guys came on here and said, basically, The game is awesome because i can still put up with all the faults and still do the same thing you hate doing because of the same faults( pst dealing and putting up with a game is not enjoying a game no matter the title). My opinion is not biased and it is recognized by the vast peer majority, which by college standards would make the statement" this game was crap" a peer reviewed statement and henceforth fact.

Second I could care less about the time it takes to hit lvl/rnk cap as long as the journey is fun. **** ff11 took 1.5 years per class( or there abouts) depending on sitting and waiting for a party times and what not when i played and I have some of the fondest memories of any mmo with ff11.

Thank you for all those who gave an answer and to those that did not because of the 'biased opinion' and 'blind crap' statement. I am sorry i did not want to hear it, you were a minority on release and evidently i did not agree with you then why would i agree now? If the game has changed enough then tell me how, tell me what makes it better... worse... different, more or less fun. Get some thicker skin and stop gnawing at the bit waiting to be offended by people who dislike the game.

Lastly I am a SS fanboy loud and proud, SE has been disappointing but never by a lot, even 13's super linear style was not horrible. 10 years ago I would have been one of these white knights defending this game, but you cant play a franchise you just play what they give you.
KitsurubamiSouzahara wrote:
This is all just a fanboy civil war. Some are hurt that SE gave them such a crap game, the others are hurt that anyone would call it crap.
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