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GeForce GTX 400-series Low GPU UsageFollow

#1 Dec 27 2010 at 4:17 PM Rating: Good
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If you're still having problems with low GPU usage (20-60%) using a Fermi card (GTX 460-480), you might wanna try these drivers if you don't already have them.

It's the Quadro 265.90 WHQL drivers. I haven't tried them yet, but supposedly they fix the low GPU usage problem seen in FFXIV and BF:BC2, which results in low framerates no matter what settings you change.

Unlike most people, I don't believe the issue to be a CPU bottleneck, considering I've had a system still using a stock dual core E8500 with a GTX 460 running Metro 2033 at much higher, stable FPS and 95-99% GPU usage. Granted, my i7 920 system with a GTX 480 runs both games flawlessly, but that's more a matter of brute forcing good performance instead of dealing with the actual problem. This leads me to believe that it's a problem with console-ported games being poorly coded that they don't use a GPU's full potential (both FFXIV and BF:BC2 are ported from PS3 and XBOX 360), either a fault of Square-Enix/DICE, or a fault of Nvidia's drivers themselves not being compatible with the ports... maybe both.

The Quadro drivers supposedly put some of this excess CPU processing on the GPU, where it would normally be. I've done some browsing on the Guru3D forums and most people seem to have their FPS doubled and GPU usage bumped up to 80-90% usage in BC2.

Though, like with any other driver, a few reported no change.

Just wanted to put it out there for anyone who wanted to try it.

Here's the thread on Guru3D, including the driver download and modified .inf for the best results:

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#2 Dec 27 2010 at 4:38 PM Rating: Decent
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Thanks for the info. I've been pretty dissatisfied with my investment in 480SLI using only 35% GPU load, and virtually no difference in performance running SLI or solo card (other than 2 hot GPUs instead of one). I'm going to try this tomorrow. Thanks again
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#3 Dec 27 2010 at 5:25 PM Rating: Decent
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Anytime. I'd like the low GPU usage issue solved as much as anyone.

Here are just some statements from users with different CPU + GPU combinations and the GPU usage increase they experienced. I personally can't wait to try these drivers out.

"Can confirm this driver has amazing BC2 gpu utilization and higher fps then any other driver I tested.

With 263.06 I had good fps but gpu utilization where around 75-80 now its 95+ all the time and this is with hbao off, bloom off and 4x aa ( as always )." - Sneakers, W3520 + GTX 465 SLI

"Since 260.xx drivers my fps and usage went up in this game. From 44+ fps to 55-60 fps, and from ~50% usage to ~80-90%. Hope it stayes that way with these." - paradox, Q6600 + GTX 460

"On my work machine Q9400 @3.5 and a 260 gtx much better gpu use in bc2 gone from 30 - 50 to 80 - 95. The fps in general is now 50 - 65 but more importantly MUCH smoother. All high settings no HBAO no VSync 4 x AA 16 x AF.

Same type of performance jump with my gaming rig. BC2 is now getting 80 - 99 % use on both cards." - poo417, i7 920 + GTX 480 SLI

"Ran BC2 and Need for speed hot pursuit, both of them worked perfect! THese drivers are great for me, both MOH MP and BC2 are @60fps with vsync. No low gpu usage problem anymore with those two (as before)." - HaZe303, Q9450 + GTX 460

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