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Looking at this game now, I don't think SE ever intended us to grind the old fashioned "group up, kill mobs" way, I think they honestly wanted us to form parties for leves/behests/factions etc. in order to level up which is kind of a weird move considering a large part of their audience is/would be migrating over from FFXI, so why not give us the familiar with the new? I came to this conclusion because in the party recruit window you only have 2 "main" options under "purpose" which are both leves, none of the options say "SP party", so this was SE's intent to get us to reach max level simply by doing leves and behests? I wish it wasn't tbh - I like leves and behest (sometimes, other times they're a mess) but what about traditional party play? I hope they bring this in soon here and give us plenty more content to do too. Before anyone tells me "but you can party the traditional way, just grab a bunch of people, slap 'em in a party and wala!" yea..wala! but the game itself needs to facilitate this so everyone does or has the option to do it...maybe I can form a party and maybe my buddies can form a party but what about Joe Blow who doesn't have any friends? how in the world is he ever going to form or join an SP grind party? he probably isn't.

I grinded on Coblyns and Djiggas for hours today and really enjoyed it but its not the same without party play, something similar to FFXI - strategical and involved...mashing buttons mindlessly 'til something dies is only fun so many times (this is in regards to behests, not soloing, cuz i do enjoy the strategy, albeit minimal, involved in solo play). I notice the NM fights at higher levels require strategy to take down and that's really cool but what about the road there? especially considering that the road is very slow and very lonely so far and considering that I hit surplus SP like every second day, I would love nothing more than part play! Also...please take away surplus SP :P, who'se with me?

Ok, this wasn't really a rant, I can't wait to hit rank 26 is all, so i can continue with story and class quests...anyway i'm deviating a little here and to be quite honest i think i'm hallucinating, I need to rest my eyeballs a little so **** off!

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im with you...

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