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My feelings on the direction of FFXIVFollow

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Ok, this is my first thread, so be gentle.

I have been playing Final Fantasy games for a long, long time. I love the lore, I love the stories, I love the interesting ways they come up with to reinvent and improve upon the amazing monsters, themes, environments, gameplay, etc. The culmination of this, for me, was FFXI. It had all the mythological creatures like Tiamat, Seiryu, Enkelados, the rich lore and background as the other games, only on a scale never before seen. It was a world of its own, with a rich history. It's gameplay was simple, but fulfilling. The animations and power of spells and abilities progressed with the development of your character in his or her jobs. The zones were well designed and unique. It was not perfect, there were flaws, but it built upon the success of the previous FF titles, incorporating and adapting their elements to fit as needed.

I don't necessarily get this feeling from FFXIV. I get the feeling that it COULD be made to be this way, but that remains to be seen. My biggest concern is that, for me, the game doesn't seem to be built upon the success of its predecessors. It seems too much like they tried to reinvent the proverbial wheel, came up with some impractical rectangular monstrosity, and then stuck some bells and whistles in the mix to give it a Final Fantasy feel.

Other times I feel like the game might be able to become all the things it should, but that it is at a stage where it is remarkably incomplete, so that I wonder what the developers could have been doing all these years.

I am somewhat encouraged by the recent restructuring, but at this point, I am just so frustrated. I am not sure how much faith I have left. I enjoyed playing the game when I felt that it was only a matter of months before things got up and running, and I still enjoy it to a certain extent, but I just don't know what to think anymore.

I guess this post was to vent my feelings and frustration. With any luck, I will be made a fool by the rapid improvement of FFXIV, and I will enjoy eating my words. I would like to know how others feel, so if you have the time, post away.
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We are very interested in your feelings.
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I liked how the starter zones were laid out in FFXI. Where I would be leveling up there in saruta for the first time, and in my linkshell they talk about monsters and places I could only dream of seeing. I don't get this at all in FFXIV. There are too many familliar mobs and while there are mobs only put in certain areas, it is usually when I'm being stonewalled by having a high level monster one-shot me while killing easy prey. I want to be able to look forward to new areas and monsters, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I love exploring, and I have explored Eozorea. It just could be an overall better game.

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I have no idea how I did this double-post.

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