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FF14 MAIN QUESTS CRASHING (was forum=10)Follow

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The game is crashing on the main quest " Whisper in the woods " been playing for about a month or thereabouts and it's being okay untill I took up the main questline
[created a lot of characters but have gone back to the archer and got about the world travelling from Gridania all the way down through the desert to the ferry then came back to Gridania for main quests then a crashing FF14 game , by the way you can purchase a Elm shortbow in the desert city Ul'dah from Roegadyn (very expensive) just by chance discovered this but the Maple Longbow seems a little better even though the Elm shortbow has very slightly better stats , I'm getting all little more than slightly sick of the mimming Marcel Marceau thing with all the NPC's and hope FF14 will address this problem , It's an irony that all the NPC's in Gothic 4 ALL LOOK THE SAME but THEY ALL TALK WITH THE CREEPY CLONE THING GOING ON , I can't understand why FF14 has gone to such extreme lengths to create all the NPC's with different faces but no TALKING -- common seriously !!!
I'm very dissapointed considering how long it's taken to level up my Archer. and by the way why can't I create another slot for a new character and why can't I do this in the character window , without having to sacrifice a current character where can I do this plus no keyboard hotkey to access the main window for journal quests etc this game is slowly turning into the car Fred Flinstone traded in for {GEOFF (car)/TOP GEAR}
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This is the cancer that is killing =10.

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Ding ding ding we have another winner.
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what is this, I dont even...
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