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How about this? Mentoring... FFXIV StyleFollow

#1 Jan 06 2011 at 9:13 PM Rating: Good
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So, I was thinking again today about FFXI compared to FFXIV and I remembered FFXI had a mentor icon. Now I know it didn't really do much in FFXI, but it could be pretty cool in FFXIV if more could be done with it.

I thought it would be kind of neat if SE implemented a Mentor/Trainee system.

Upon entering in the world for first time players, they would be advised to stop by the Adven. Guild to sign up for a Gamespan Mentor. Someone who is experienced in FFXIV gameplay already(maybe Rank 30+ players become eligible for Mentors) to lend a life-long hand to a new player. The player will be taught almost everything with this new BEST FRIEND as well as play together/quest together.

Of course, the trainee can't pick his mentor, he MUST be chosen by his to be mentor.

As time goes on and the trainee reaches Rank 30+ he can then have his own trainee and be the Mentor. Building friends upon friends in the community and to help identify new players which need the MOST help.

I picked Rank 30+ because I think this could add A LOT more content to these ranks. Including SE adding: Mentor/trainee quests.
Obtainable items for the pair
Mentor Vs Trainee battles
Mentor/Trainee Vs Mentor/Trainee Tournements
--Winner's take Champion's Belt (Mentor)
Apprentice's Belt (Trainee)

I think this would really make new players feel wrapped up in the game right from the get go.
I think this would really help current players feel a need to get to Rank 30 and open up a new part of the game.

Of course, trainees need the option to Release his mentor from his duties if need be.

What do you guys think?

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#2 Jan 06 2011 at 9:39 PM Rating: Good
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I do this all the time.

No need to implement it as a feature. People just need to pull the stick our of their a$$
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I agree, however, unlike FFXI it's much harder to tell a real new player from an older player leveling a new job. Atleast from what I've noticed anyways. And this would give those people(including myself) that have yet to find "fun" people to play with a choice to do so.

Also, I think the PS3 release time frame would be the perfect time for this.

Veteran PC players

New PS3 players

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The system sounds good in theory, but there are a lot of people out there who are just straight pricks and I could see some bad things that could occur to drive away new players if the mentor in question is a giant douchebag.

As for myself, I help new people ease their way into the tough world of Eorzea in either situation. I don't need an icon to tell me to do that.
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