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#1 Jan 07 2011 at 11:55 PM Rating: Good
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It seems the concept of "content" is a varied idea here on ZAM. I thought we could play a little constructive game.

So, Square Enix has sent its programmers off to some corner of the building to begin building a game engine from scratch. In the mean time, they've heard you to join their creative team to come up with content to keep players occupied in this new MMO world known as Eorzea. They've hired you specifically because they want to make a game that can compete out of the gate in a saturated MMO market.

Here's the ideas I'd have tossed out to be in the box in addition to what currently is in the game:

A casino. Moogles dealing Kupoker, bets on chocobo races and Colosseum battles and some quests for some down-and-out clientele of this shady establishment. Opens at Rank 20 after a quest or two for permission to enter this members-only area. Each game in here would feature a "high score" board to give players a bragging rights feature and a goal for the hardcore player. As much a gil sink as it can be a fountain to a few lucky players.

Instanced Behest with objectives requiring communication and strategy. For a more in depth look at my thoughts, check out my post in Feedback here.

Chocobo capture, breeding and racing minigames. All aspects would be hands-on. Capture would work like Disciple of the Land classes, breeding like Disciples of the Hand*, and racing would be a mini game all in its own.

* Not to say you help in the actual act of breeding, but that your given different choices in helping to make the chocobos "affectionate."

Colosseum. Fights would cap every five ranks starting at 25. This is to give casuals and hardcores playing fields under the same event. A Casual player could work to be the best Rank 25 fighter while the hardcore folks go on to try and be the cream of the crop at 50. Gear would cap as if the player was that rank, but wear would occur at a rate based on the players true rank as to not punish folks dipping below their rank. Abilities over the fights cap, however, would be rendered unusable.

At rank 30, our character would be called upon to join a march to meet the Garlean Empire on its border with Eorzea. The Empire seems to have obtained an interest in "obtaining" a few new city-states. While they haven't taken any official action, skirmishes have been breaking out on the border. Another instanced event, parties of adventurers fight in small-to-mid-sized battles much like Besiged.

NMs. There's a particular feeling at seeing an unusually long name (usually followed by a sense of despair when you realize it was just a Meat Maggot standing next to a Yagudo Interregator Smiley: motz) and realize it's a unique little creature. Giving folks Ranks 1-50 beasties to track is a sure-fire way to keep them occupied outside grinding. I do think SE went in the right direction of having them drop crafting materials.

Around Rank 40, each city-state would have a randomized dungeon type event. The concept behind it's random design being that miners have been digging and encountered some sort of terrible obstacle deep under ground. Now adventurers are needed to clear it/them out. Not to take too many ideas from XI, it'd have a Einherjar type feel but with a maze aspect to it rather than standing in a big open cave.

The first endgame-style event. The Garlean Empire has crossed the line and killed diplomats traveling from the three city-states on a mission of good will. The most battle-hardened of adventurers must join forces and assault a key stronghold. I'd structure this like Dynamis. This would be intended for the more dedicated players so no reason to hold back -- accept drop rates should be reasonable (I'm looking at you, Duelist's Chapeau).

None of these really require making leveling any easier than it turned out. In my opinion, it'd likely make leveling SEEM easier as there was a target and a reason to take a break from the grind. As I hope is evident, the content slowly shifts from casual to hardcore as the ranks get higher, as there should be a natural progression.

So, if your were in the position to pitch concepts to the design team, what would you throw out?

*********Please bear in mind that what I'm trying to do here is encourage folks to discuss what they think of when someone says "content." I understand this is a polarized community at the moment. But I think we can dispel some of the vinegar here by coming to an understanding of what it is people really want. So please, try to keep criticism to a minimum and let's have fun here for once, eh?*********
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If they opened a casino then I guess we wouldn't need the other stuff :p We'd all be there! Great ideas. We need stuff like this.

Oh and if I was the producer who designed FFXIV, then I guess I'd be out of a job :(

#3 Jan 09 2011 at 2:13 AM Rating: Default
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I would add a naked toon every time a FF fanboy sheds a tear XD!

How is that for content <.<
#4 Jan 09 2011 at 3:04 AM Rating: Excellent
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Wombats. Lots more wombats...
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#5 Jan 09 2011 at 3:39 AM Rating: Excellent
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Ostia wrote:
I would add a naked toon every time a FF fanboy sheds a tear XD!

How is that for content <.<

I feel sorry for your mother...

#6 Jan 09 2011 at 5:44 AM Rating: Good
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If I had designed FFXIV how different might it be? Tough question, but I can think of several areas in need of a little improvement.

1) Combat
All Disciples of War/Magic would have specific always-active traits given to lending more strength to their standard skills. For example, a Thaumaturge would have a greatly increased chance to inflict status ailments on enemies and a Gladiator would have an innate resistance to damage. This helps give more definition to the roles in a party, which works towards making things more strategy oriented.

Revive/Raise would be greatly lowered in level to around 20-25 while Reraise is lowered to 35. In addition to this, the weakened time for being Raised would be reduced to 1 minute instead of three. With combat becoming more strategic, there will be a need for these spells.

Guardian's Aspect can be evoked at any time from an Aetheryte or Aethyrial node with a duration of 1 hour. This is to allow parties to gain additional SP without having to embark on guildleves. Party SP bonus would increase depending on how many unique classes there are in the group. An all-conjurer team, for example, would have a lower party SP bonus than a team consisting of multiple classes.

The Conjurer rank 44 spells would be significantly increased in potency and activate immediately. The casting times for these spells would also be greatly increased.

Battle Regimens would be removed. In place of these would be chain commands.

Chain commands:
All classes upon reaching rank 10 will receive their first chain command. This would be a class-specific move costing 1000 or more TP which initiates a chain sequence or continues one. Additional chain commands will be learned as you progress in levels.

Only skills dealt by a different class to the previous skill can continue a chain. Each consecutive skill increases the damage modifier for the next skill by 25% to a maximum of 250% damage. In addition, there would be an SP bonus granted for higher chains, encouraging players to chain as much as possible.

Any spells cast during the chain will benefit from the damage modifier, but will end any existing chain. Melee attacks and magic dart attacks also benefit from the increased damage modifier, but do not break existing chains.

2) Crafting:
NPC's in any of the major guilds would offer a full list of available recipes for items, along with breakdowns of any compound items in that recipe and any additional crafts that may be necessary.

Local guildleves may be chosen from a list of different levels, depending on your skill rank. Guild Marks rewards would be seen prior to accepting any of the local guildleves and old local leves may be traded in as with Battlecraft leves to boost any gains from them.

A 'cautious synthesis' option would be added. Selecting this option would reduce the durability loss when crafting, but progress will be slower. Additionally, the success chance of various synthesis methods would be displayed beside them (eg: Standard Synthesis (75%) ).

Special gemstones would be added to the game with individual bonuses which can be grafted onto armor or weapons by crafters. These stones would have individual attributes (for example VIT +1) which would then be applied to the armor you imbue with the stone. You would require an appropriate craft rank to imbue items (for example, weaver for robes, blacksmith for swords). Higher graded stones would require higher ranked armor to be effective. These stones could be given as guildleve rewards or dropped from various monsters.

Additional to the above, a new bazaar option would be added allowing you to request augments. You would put the relevant item and the augment desired into the bazaar offering a fee. This would give you a unique bazaar icon (similar to the repairs icon) and allow players to imbue your items without risk of theft, similar to repairs.

3) Quests, quests, quests:
A myriad of quests would be available from various NPCs across Eorzea. The rewards from these would vary, but would include unique armor and equipment from the more difficult ones. Completing certain quests would open up new quest opportunities.

Epic guildleves would become available. These are leves designed to be taken up by linkshells and as such can only be claimed by the linkshell leader at the cost of 500,000 gil. A limit of 1 guildleve per week would be established on these epics, and players cannot participate in a new guildleve even from another linkshell until one week has passed. These would be instanced large-scale infiltrations or battles similar to Dynamis from FFXI. Similar to FFXI, rare legendary items would be dropped by enemies in these battles and placed into a global loot pool for all participating members.

Well, okay I'll admit I got a bit carried away there. But when you're really passionate about something, you feel like shouting it out to the whole world. Surely that is, if anything, to Final Fantasy XIV's credit. :)

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#7 Jan 09 2011 at 6:08 AM Rating: Good
I'd be fired... I'm a big fan of THF type classes especially when they are beneficial to a party (certain aspects of XI but more like how they work in DDO)... want to get to point X and don't want to walk through the mega maze of doom? Bring a THF he can pick the lock to the secret passage.... Yeah I'd make Final Thief Fantasy and everyone but me would hate it.
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#8 Jan 09 2011 at 6:26 AM Rating: Excellent
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PerrinofSylph, ****** Superhero wrote:
I'd be fired... I'm a big fan of THF type classes especially when they are beneficial to a party (certain aspects of XI but more like how they work in DDO)... want to get to point X and don't want to walk through the mega maze of doom? Bring a THF he can pick the lock to the secret passage.... Yeah I'd make Final Thief Fantasy and everyone but me would hate it.

As a D&D fan, I enjoyed DDO very much. The various traps and mazes added a lot of flavor to questing instead of just just running through a straight-forward instance and killing everything along the way.

Yeah, I'd be fired, too.
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#9 Jan 09 2011 at 9:16 AM Rating: Decent
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I love all those ideas Sephrick.

I also had 2 ideas that could 'bring people back'
and make the game different than XI.

They are trying to build this website with our characters information on it.
I would like to see your in game character be apart of a MMO Social Network.
It could spread across servers. Show your achievements. Show your best gears.
You could post things you were looking for on their. Maybe show your bazaar.
Post videos or comments. much like a facebook page for your character.

I use a FB to keep in contact with family. I'd love another one to keep in contact with friends. It could also help you to find other people who play the game in your area.

You could use it when recruiting members for your company/linkshell.

I know some people would say they are already doing this.
But i think it could be way bigger than this.

It could include your FFXI character too.
In fact ALL SE games. they could really attract a lot of people with it while promoting other SE games as well.

My other idea is being able to Fight while on your chocobo.
Companies/linkshells could have behest like events and ride in on your birds.
Also your birds could have stats and gears as well. and you could train your chocobo to raise its stats.

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#10 Jan 09 2011 at 5:01 PM Rating: Good
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I agree that a casino and/or general golden saucer type thing would be a great thing to have, and it doesn't seem to be in many mmo's atm, so all the more reason. It would have things from mini chocobo racing matches, casino style things, card/dice games, and w/e other mini games they can think of. It would also be a huge gil sink for the economy to make up for the leves, and in addition to losing gil to npc's, you could also bet it with other players. This so needs to happen, seriously.

We need better mission strings, that aren't a bunch of solo cinema only style things... We need party based, challenging content. That's what I liked most about FFXI, almost nothing was solo'able.

Zones should be more accessible, with a much smaller enemy lvl range. When they want us to go to higher lvl areas, they should add higher lvl areas... That or broaden the aesthetics within the 3 main zones... It just feels stale to do high lvl stuff in the same areas you did lvl 1 stuff. Again, I'll cite FFXI... At lvl 1, you lvled in those 3 city areas... At lvl 50, you lvled in far off different places that looked nothing like them. It's just a better way of doing things.

Some endgame would be nice, like a dynamis or sky style thing, or anything pretty much. The current nm's are too few and too bland.

Ishgard, chocobo racing/breeding, quests, more effort involved to get your next spells, a more diverse selection of gear and recipes so you don't use the same stuff for 30 lvls, side stuff to do along the way to 50. (remember stuff like scroll hunting, zam keys, CoP, nm's, farming since gil wasn't just tossed into your lap, and all that other stuff?) etc. etc. etc.

I see this game becoming great eventually, after an expansion pack or two, it's just a matter of waiting a couple more years. The one thing that worries me, is that they will make the game too dumbed down. Don't make everything solo'able and ridiculously easy, and don't make everything so easy to get that you have it within a week of wanting it.

Aside from that, I also think the crafts should be far less time consuming... The only thing stopping someone from lvling them, is about 400 hours of mashing 1 button. Make it expensive, restrictive, competitive, and confusing, but don't make it easy and time consuming.

Meh, still, it beats the other mmo's for me, especially once they add more content... But it's just not quite doing it, I feel like I'm craving the oldschool FFXI experience, and since FFXI has changed and doesn't offer that anymore, I'm kinda boned.
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#11 Jan 09 2011 at 6:14 PM Rating: Default
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Well since everything in FFXI was old I would create FFXIV in the same world as FFXI but much earlier.
Or I would make it hundreds of years later. Mithra, Galka, Taru, Elven, Hume would all stay, none of that bull**** lets call everything something else crap. The world in FFXI was fine, major GFX overhaul needed.

I WOULD PUT IN AN AUCTION HOUSE!!!......Items sold from the auction house would be soulbound unless they are worn for 5 levels. every server would have someone in charge of the AH and people abusing the AH would be warned and then banned. AH prices would follow the +/- 10% system that was used in FFXI.

The group oriented playstyle of FFXI would be kept. A rated quickgroup system that includes free Chocobo rides to set locations. The rating system would have a point for point system that rated you down if you rated someone else down. if the majority 3/5 rated someone down no one would lose points for rating down, Downrated players cannot rate untill 5 sucessive rate ups from different groups.

NM camping/hunting would be like it was at FFXI launch. Rare/EX items would only be tradeable within the linkshell and would have it's own LS storage. A 5 day item hold on new LS members and a 5 day wait to join would be in effect. Items put into Rare/EX storage are linked to the person who put them there untill they give the ok for said player to remove the item. New LS members on item hold retain all LS communication.

The attack system in FFXI was brilliant. it would be kept with some changes. The Skillchain system would get it's own UI that shows available skills that would highlight when the link to SC is available.

There will be a set of leveling servers that allow all the worlds to use. IE a 1-20 server, a 15-30 server....etc. This helps people level and have fun playing in a non level saturated environment. No more empty LL areas. players can switch between them and their main server at will. This also helps prevent higher level/RMT from taking all the NM pops. Which would be useless to them anyway due to Rare/EX

The starting classes of FFXI would be used. + a few more that would be created by FFXI vets to ensure popularity and balance.

The already set world would allow the developers to put a massive amount of effort into new storylines, and questing, and arena type environments. Prestige classes would be added in an expansion that involves a whole new world to explore.

Hard level caps on items would stay, the BS soft level cap in FFXIV sucks.

Auto attack would stay. this lets the players concentrate on skillchains and type a lil to help communication.

The FFXI macro system worked well, The Keyboard was great to use as the only input device. these control options will still work as they did in FFXI. A second UI designed for mouse players and remapped keys will be made. UI elements will be moddable by the public. The UI interface will be very well crafted to avoid programming changes down the line so modders aren't constantly having to rewrite their mods and debug code. There will be a panel that OK's mods so unfair advantages don't appear.

The world will be greatly expanded while keeping much of the familiarity of FFXI. New areas will open up, Underground labrynths, Floating cities, Etherial spaces. All areas will be larger. There will be greatly expanded weapon and gear sets with set bonuses. Leveling will be slowed down because the huge amount of quests to do.

I could probably go on but I think I have painted the picture I want as far as FFXIV goes.

*edit* There will be a much broader variety of mobs....and bunny rabbits will transform to a frightening rabbit like creature that's all teeth and more weak pathetic looking mobs.....anywhere. attack animations for mobs and players will be redone so as to avoid repetitive animations. Mob animations will be varied according to the attack and the player and will include the player being attacked

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