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SP: maybe just a little brokenFollow

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Before the "SP is not broken" fiends start shouting, make sure to read the entire post. I promise it won't be that long.

So yesterday, my LS decided that they wanted to do a party with members around rank 20, so we head down to Nanawa Mines to find it rather packed. We said we're not gonna get a good camp on doblyns here, lets go in and fight puks. We went to the little strip north of the aetherial gate and started killing. SP was around 60 per kill, and then others started showing up and we ran out of things to kill. Soon it became our group and a higher ranking ARC. Well one of our members must have been trying to intimidate the ARC because he changed to 50MRD and started one shotting everything. At this point SP took a drop of only 10 per puk.

Eventually we ended up going to camp broken water, and we had a large group following around a rank 50 MRD for around 2 hours. At this point, I just went on follow and started watching a movie, as more people got added into the mix because SP doesn't go down, it goes up with more members(due to party bonus?).

Now when we first started FFXIV, we had the system of actually hitting the monster to get SP. I thought this was put in place so we could avoid these PL cases altogether. But what really concerns me is that at some point, they must have decided to put a floor down on how low your party SP can go.
#2LyleVertigo, Posted: Jan 09 2011 at 12:37 PM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) SP is not broken! >:O
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SP is not broken! >:O

However, the combat system is! lol Why no reward for genocide SE? D: Killing one monster at a time outside of leves is Booooriiiing!

So being able to PL entire groups at 10k SP/hour with you're high ranking job is "working as intended"? At some point when your rank gets so much higher than your targets rank shouldn't you stop getting SP? There are still some obvious flaws that need worked out.
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