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Looking back while waiting for the futureFollow

#1 Jan 11 2011 at 8:01 AM Rating: Excellent
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I came across this very old but nice Final Fantasy retrospective on gametrailers.

It was surprising and fun to see how XI grew from it's beginnings with the help of many expansions and updates. Also the amount of zones seen in the video is pretty mind-blowing. (at least to me it is)

Seeing this made me wish that someone at SE would remember how much ideas there are in not just XI but in the entire history of Final Fantasy that they can use to their advantage when thinking about the future of XIV.

Naturally they need to invent a lot of never before seen content and systems too as at least in my mind that's what makes this series so unique.

For example; I wouldn't want airships nor chocobos added to the game just because so many FF games have them, but because they've thought of some unique way or use for them. (I'm getting off topic here!)

Seeing those videos made me dig up old Final Fantasy games to re-play them as I had forgotten how incredible experiences they are. Here's hoping and praying that someday they'll be able to re-create some of that magic in XIV too. =)

Fanboy ramble! This is what the wait for new updates is doing to me!
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I also went through FF7 again while waiting to get in FFXIV beta. I also wanted to follow it up with 8 and 9 again but didn't have the time. =/
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video is making me nostalgic for XI

lolgaxe wrote:
When it comes to sitting around not doing anything for long periods of time, only being active for short windows, and marginal changes and sidegrades I'd say FFXI players were the perfect choice for politicians.

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