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Hello everyone, me and my buddy play ffxiv, only 1 or 2 times a week. We're trying to find places to explore now that we're on rank 23. We've been to the three cities and all around the worlds sort of, but we'd like to find a cave or dungeon, or castle...something we can explore that have enemies that are actually possible to beat...does this game even offer anything like that?

FFXI had a chocobo license to get at lvl 15, it had orc camps, caves, notorious monsters for every level, dragons to fight at lvl 20...what the **** does this game have...NOTHING. PLEASE let me know if there's anything to do other than constant leves and behests, it's getting pretty boring.

Another problem I have with the game is the fishing, it takes SO long to level up, even now that I'm doing rank 20 leves it's still slow. Is there a trick to going at least a little faster.

Appreciate any help, thanks everyone.
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You'll just have to crawl with what the R20 leves give you until R30s become available.

If you haven't already, best way to make use of your fishing leves is to:

1) for the "promising fishing point" ones, stick to the fishing spot before last one and stay there even when it says your investigation is complete. Milk that spot as long as you can until you have ~7-10 min. remaining to head to the last one to finish up. This will get the most out of your guardian aspect.

2) For the "Fish this type of fish up" ones, remember the depth that is ideal for the target fish, and then fish as far away from that depth as possible to minimize the chance of attracting that fish. This will increase the time before you catch all three wanted fishies.

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There are caves, dungeons-ish caverns/mines/cellars, there are beastmen, there are drakes, there is a big dead dragon, there are NM etc. but most will oneshot you. And no, I'm not talking about the Battlecraft leves camps.

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