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#1 Jan 12 2011 at 6:34 PM Rating: Excellent
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Hi FFXIV ZAM community!

First of all just wanna say “thanks” to many of you frequent posters here, as this forum is primarily the reason for me to willing to give FFXIV a try :D Despite the occasional flame war and heated debate, I found the posts here very informative in general and it helps paint a realistic picture for me on where this game is at currently and its potential down the road.

My FFXI journey was truly a magical experience from the very beginning til the end.. and now that I’m 5 years older (just out of college) with a lot going on in RL, I didn’t really have much expectation for FFXIV except as a time-killer when I can’t sleep :P

So I finally logged in to FFXIV for the very first time this past weekend, expecting a bumpy road just to familiarize myself with un-intuitive UIs and cumbersome controls in an empty town… after running myself into the wall + looking lost at the Adventurer’s Guild for 30 seconds, a Lalafel gentleman approached me and kindly asked if I need any assistance.. next thing I know I’m already part of a LS and was surrounded by bunch of friendly players who were giving me useful advices and teaching me how to do all the cute/silly emotes :D Then for the next couple days with the help of LS mates, I was able to pick up the basic combat system at my own pace and started learning about levequests and crafting… Maybe I’m extremely lucky in meeting the right group of people for me (which is essential in having a positive MMO experience IMO) right off the bat… but FFXIV is really a pleasant surprise for me right now :D

I understand that as a casual + newbie player, I am probably not the best candidate of being an FFXIV advocate to promote the game :P but I truly believe that to fully enjoy a MMORPG, friendly community + positive player-to-player interactions is equally (if not more) important compare to the content & technical aspects of the game… if we can work together to constantly improve our community by being helpful and proactive, I’m sure we can make Eorzea a even better world!

So if you have similar positive experience or have ideas on how we can make this community a better place to be, please share~! ^_^

#2 Jan 13 2011 at 1:16 AM Rating: Decent
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Nice story good post, glad your having fun in 14.
#3 Jan 13 2011 at 1:58 AM Rating: Good
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I'm glad you've been having such a good time! I think you chose a great server- people on Besaid (at least all those that I've met) seem to be very friendly and helpful. :)
#4 Jan 13 2011 at 2:01 AM Rating: Good
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As a member of Beseid myself, and of one of the very few fully active member capped LS's i must say you got on the right server too.

Beseid seems to have a really helpful community as long as you keep an open mind(some people always feel insulted if you suggest anything to them).

See you in game!

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