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Why is my screen all WTF!!!!Follow

#1 Jan 16 2011 at 10:14 PM Rating: Default
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So I'm running along and all of a sudden my screen wigs out. I can't really describe it... it was kinda like the terrain started to invert itself. not just upside down but weird... and color was off as well... w/e... so i log to player select screen... then back in... still the same.... so then I log all the way out and then back in..... same... so I restart... come back idk like an hr later.... still the same... this is on my win xp workstation has played fine since release etc. So I go upstairs to my win7 laptop thinking it has to be something wrong with THAT machine.... same thing... so I run my pathetic behind to a completely different zone... mind you I can't see anything in terms of direction just a discolored series of mountains while character is just sort of running in place.... I finally get to the marker on the minimap and then as i get further and further past the marker rather than seeing a tranquil green forest I see nothing but what little resemblance of a background environment I had dissolve into what looked to be little more than a dust storm and even that is a stretch of the imagination... no my friends I'm not making this up... and I figured since I'm pathetic enough to use the minimap to run ALLLLLL the way to the last known working zone I figured I may as well spend the time to document this small but meaningful moment of my life.
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