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Realistic timeline for significant improvements?Follow

#52 Jan 18 2011 at 5:00 PM Rating: Good
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zanfire wrote:
Mikhalia the Picky wrote:
Loris wrote:
I think SE was just on cruise control from FFXI. Lets face it, XI is amazingly profitable at this point in that game's life and they got greedy. In an interview, one of their execs (can't remember who) basically admitted that they had never played WoW, so that tells me they're totally ignorant to the state of the 2011 MMO market.

Part of me thinks that the entire FFXIV dev team should take a week off of working on the game and play other MMORPGs from other companies. WoW, DDO, EVE, LOTRO, GW... go crazy.

I think that the big problem here is that we're getting the game designed for us by people who only have one game to compare it to (FFXI). I really think it's in OUR best interests that they play other games and figure out what ideas they like and don't like, rather than trying to rely on market research and statistics.

Except that they didnt even really use that stuff. Aside from the races, this game doesnt even take what made their other game they "played" so long. If this was half of what FFXI was, the game wouldnt be in the situation its in now.

Its like they ignored what they learned for 8 years and tryed something new, but with out realizing that they made those mistakes already. They say the same team made this game, but **** is it hard to believe.

I've postulated the theory that, since Rapture began development around the time that XI really started getting good, that they took the original XI team, moved them to XIV, and brought in a new team for XI.

It would explain why XIV feels like it hasn't learned anything from XI and why XI seems like it started going in a new direction when Rapture began development.

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I would say...

Realistic timeline for: Storyline, Class Quests, Mini Quests and Quests overall would be

2-3 months(I want them to be good, so give them some time).

Realistic timeline for: Auction House, UI/Macro improvements

1 - 1 1/2 months.

No matter what, I really think the dev team needs to dish out some "expect this at that time" information VERY soon, cause even I, who is really enjoying this game still, get a little bit impatient as of not knowing where the game is heading right now.
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It would explain why XIV feels like it hasn't learned anything from XI

This is an argument I'm always willing to participate in.

Well, let's start listing:

-Rushed release (this wasn't a mistake for XI, in fact it worked in their favor)
-Hardly improved UI from XI (XI's UI never received much criticism because everyone was used to it.)
-Server side UI (they didn't do this in XI- not a mistake they could learn from)
-Marketplace (not a mistake they made in XI- nothing to learn from before this title)

Go on.
We really want to compete against World of Warcraft and for example the new Star Wars MMO.

#55 Jan 18 2011 at 5:32 PM Rating: Good
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realistically, i feel sympathetic for them... but only for moments. i'd assume that they are in the business they like, so like me, they probably take their work to heart. i've tried to make unique websites for customers that have become my worst nightmares, all the bugs and errors are over-whelming and you end up just stripping the whole thing back to basics just to collect a paycheck. this is where i see this heading. they will strip it all to basics, adhere to what ppl want to get a paycheck, then they will take all those cached dreams for later. its kind of hard to progress with something if the entire structure is just wrong. so all these maintenances you see are most likely a good thing. when you see a secure overall environment is when you'll see progression in what you want for content.

BUT the director has already said he split up the efforts into fixing and creating new content, yet i'm sure content is still waiting on function. so the content might be ready right away when functionality is resumed.

and i don't mean function wards or sp in leves or macros causing the game to glitch. when you see new UI is when you will see new content. until then you might see a few new gear or some bs like that.

Edit: and who knows when this will happen depends on how much they screwed the pooch behind the scenes and with the lack of communication and silence; probably a lot. someone get SE some KY jelly

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