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I'm LV48 Gladiator, FFXIV fail badly so far.Follow

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First of all, I've played FFXI and really enjoyed it.

In FFXIV, I lv to r48 glad, play mutli-job all at least r20, crafting, behest, leves, NM...and below is my voice:

For me, a good game is all about how battle system is arranged and how the world is design. Diablo, WoW, FFXI. All has great player interaction WITHIN battle system. I don't see it in FFXIV.

1. The game is design hack and slash. FFXIV just can't do hack & slahs. Why SE didn't get it? You kill monster too fast, and you've so much to kill ====> hack & Slash.
Ok. hack & slash but limited jobs system and limited monster to be fun. WTF SE?!

2. Exp system also suck. In short, solo play faster sp than team play.
Solo play = boring & repetitive. Same coblyn everyday. can you belive that?!
When you pass lv40, you're welcome to **** of solo.
SE should choose team play all the way. not solo elemet.

3. Crafting , multiple job system? In my point of view is just a way to waste player time. Or maybe, make you a more Solo-player in the field.

4. Drops? Where is drops? Every Online game can't skip "Treasure Hunting" Element.
FFXIV Totaly skip it.
There should be manys lv10 NM, lv20NM, on and force.
Each NM drop differetn class equipemtn so people will team up to hunt it.
Not like bunch of workers in Uldah working on crafting, dreaming to make the best amror or so. You're not any special because at the end everyone wear the same stuff.

5.Again, NM comes in too slow. Have your LS start to hunt NM that drop best sword material and so on? You probalby not getting that kind of team play until you're lv45 or above. Sorry too much player quit long before that.

6.Exploraition of the world? Sorry none. Map is limited. What a lazy SE, making each region so small. SE better give an expansion or somesort of region expand before they charge people to play. So far i don't see the use of chocobo, Really!

7. Music. We've all hear great music from FF-serial. FFXIV is the worst so far. And don't deny it. It's fact.

8. There is just too much to complain. Of course i'm happy to see there are still some player willing to play FFXIV. But it's just way too little compare to other online game.

Again, online game should be fun.
FFXI found a way, even it was hard to play, but Most of player can find joy inside and STAY Playing.
FFXIV is simply more work and no fun to be found.

I believe most of you will expernice what i have now, maybe in a month or 2, then have no idea what to do? or quit.

What a sad story to end. SE not making money and I(Player) don't have good meoery for it.

Hey, once dialbo 3 comes out, this is /Bye

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