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#1 Jan 18 2011 at 4:57 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey Hektor Warfield from Fabul here. Was reading some of the stats forums and reading some of the parse statistics. I guess first off I should say that if you are a Jack of All trades--- that is great and we love you people... but This post is not for you! Just saying that because I Don't have the time to repel every stat reallocation flame.

Anyways- while the servers are down I am just doing a little research. Stat allocation is new to many of us, and I look sometimes to ffxi stats to see a general breakdown of how they were assigned. I find it pointless to leave any stats at base. To kind of put it in perspective from my point of view, I main gladiator, but I leveled THM, CON, MAR, LANC to 20 for different abilities. I do see the need in some situations where maybe INT would be needed. Who knows. Anyways I looked up PLD stats at level 75 and boiled them down to a percentage on a Hume

23% STR
18% DEX
24% VIT
15% INT
20% MND

now the only thing I do not have in there is PIE because I guess I wouldn't know what to compare that to in xi... Any suggestions here would be helpful. This could help us create more balanced. You will notice i left out AGI as well, and my logic may be flawed from doing so. I'm hoping that some of you number crunchers out there can help an eyballer in this logic. I just don't understand the need to creating a huge imbalance in the favor of one particular stat and how it would be helpful unless you are constantly reallocating stats. I personally (Read- personally) find stat reallocating a turn off unless changing jobs, as it kind of takes away from the unique-ness of our builds and how everyone can be different. Lets hear from the crowd!
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Biggest flaw and prolly most important thing here is...GLA is not PLD. You can work on a PLD-like build on your GLA(which is what I'm doing actually) but the stats don't work the same as in FFXI and they don't affect the same things as in FFXI.

STR is for Attack and more important for GLA, raising blocked dmg.
DEX raises Acc, Crit and Evasion(must be really parsed and tested before we can see a use for GLA)
VIT raises hp and def so obviously the most important stat for GLA.
MND is for magic defense, mp and resist chance(though I can't remember if it was resist chance also, or if that was PIE)

If you want to be a PLD like GLA. Get your GLA to 50 and then work on CON to 50 next(that's what I'm doing right now), get the CON affinity and the INT/PIE(not MND) -> w/e traits to give your important stats another boost. The affinity will help to make your cures and stuff more useful.

My personal advice would be.

Rank GLA to 50, Rank CON to 50(Affinity, stat conversion traits), PUG to 20(Prime Conditioning) and MRD to 20/30(Intimidation/Warmonger)

Try to get your stats on VIT mostly(though I woudln't advice you to cap it for 50) and get your STR/DEX kind of on par plus a few points into MND for some more MP and mag def.

I personally raised my stats to the following...

STR 104
VIT 143
DEX 104
MND 46

I don't know if its the best way to allocate stats, but it's what I think is good for now. That way you will have a nice HP pool(2000+) and still enough MP for a future PLD-like build(450MP+)

My statement is purely personal advice, no guide or anything, nothing was tested by me, that's just how I do it.

PS: If you got the time, and the will to do could also work on THM 50 and get Sacrifice 3, cause me personally, I like Sacrifice a lot more than Cure.

edit: I think I may got your post wrong, so do you actually want a PLD-like GLA, or just want to be a "jack of all trades" in case you change classes?
Cause if so, I can assure you that INT for example has a good impact on magic dmg and MND on healing done...but if you don't plan to rank them as mains, you can skip on the stats, cause the impact isn't that important if you only want to rank them as "pure fun classes".

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oh cool thanks for the tidbits there, i wasn't actually considering mimicing a pld class just looking for a framework of which to build a tank class.. str affecting shield block i totally didn't even figure in there, and thats definately a stat that needs to be paid attention to
#4 Jan 18 2011 at 5:19 PM Rating: Decent
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and btw what phys level and class rank are you at allocating those amounts of points you posted?
#5 Jan 18 2011 at 5:22 PM Rating: Decent
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Physical 50 and GLA 50 as of now. I'm focusing on my crafts atm to get my ARM/BSM done. But as I said, I'm gonna work on CON 50 next(getting THM 20 done first though for Sacrifice 2), I'm not really rushing it though, I think I'm not gonna hit CON 50 until April/May^^
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/poke Hektor Warfield
Melaahna Valiera
#7 Jan 18 2011 at 5:29 PM Rating: Decent
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heya mel :))
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