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Memoire of A Taru ResurrectionFollow

#1 Jan 19 2011 at 3:29 PM Rating: Excellent
Let me start by saying that my lot in life was a good one, and I have no regrets nor complaints. Many adventures I had, with many good companions. At the end of my road I can want for nothing. The heights of Black Magical power I reached, the Evils I defeated, the People I saved...! And the Women! The females of not a single race were immune to my irrisistable charms afforded to me by my moogle-like stature! But I digress.

There could be no higher number accomplished, no greater glory achieved. My time was over, my body old, my spirit weary, my rest well earned. Floating on the precepice of Death, the possibility of Salvation, Damnation, or Oblivion stretching out before me, I was offered another choice... I heard a Voice.

It sounded Japanese... It said, in a whisper like the breath of the Cosmos...

"You can staht oh-vr."

My mind recoiled in horror and was strangely aroused and compelled at the same time.
A New World began to unravel before me at blinding speed, yet still smooth around the edges. A lush, beautiful world, like my world in so many ways but just, I don't know, alot prettier? I could see people, and like the World, they reflected mine, but they just looked better, especially the females! It was like my world all of them were stuck on a "7" and in this world they are all like 9's and 10's! But I digress.

I found myself suspended in the void, with a horrible sensation of being pulled in two directions at once. The Voice was offering me a choice. My mind raced, twisted and raced again as I tried to look within me and find my hearts true desire. Ultimately, a vision of enhanced Mithra-Busom flashed across my subconscience and I felt myself being ripped smoothly across space-time, accelerating, decending into a screaming dive fall of blazing energy that spiralled into a... well, ya. You get it.

I could feel myself floating, carried along gently by the wings of a Goddess... Awakening from the dream, I opened my eyes...

"What the &6%$?"

I was on a Wagon, in the desert! The world had changed! The Females had changed! It wasn't a Dream! All my clothes are gone! All my clothes are gone!?!

As I took stock of my possesions (or complete lack thereof) the true reality of my situation set in. I had lost everything. Every artifact, weapon, ring; every piece of a GOD I cut off with my own bloody little hands, screaming in triumph as I claimed my prize, licking the... Gone. All gone.

"It was the BReaaaaaasts!!" I screamed at the perfectly blue, partially cloudy sky. Beautiful, really.

"AAAAAaaaarrrrgh!!!" The other passengers looked on, some in concern, others in amusment. Sometimes I hate being tiny.

I decided it might be best to maintain a low profile until I figure out where I am, where we might be going, and if I even have 2 gil to rub together (I didn't). I sat on the bench taking in the scenery when I caught a glimpse of myself in a Brass wagon ornament out of the corner of my eye. It seems the world was not the only thing that had changed! My Curse had been lifted!

You see, in my previous life, I had suffered from birth with a horrible Curse from which there was no cure. The Bushwick everyone else saw was not the true Bushwick, for my skin was a deep goblin-chocolatey brown hue, and I have a taru soul-patch. But the Bushwick people saw was a pale sort of peachy color with rosy little cheeks, and no matter the length to which I grew my Taru-Goat others would claim it was not even there! I would even tie small items to it to show others, but they would only claim I was "using my magic to make it do that." Galkans. Pfft.

But I digress! My face was true! My curse was lifted and now for the first time the world could see my true face. Perhaps this world would not be so bad, I could always get new things, and they would probably look much nicer in this world anyways. Plus, my eyes were now a kick-*** deep glowy-blood red, which totally reflects my awesome inate Black Magical Power. As I pondered this we entered a city, which I was to preoccupied to notice as we approached. It looked like a combination of Jeuno and Aht Urghan. But Nicer. Someone mentioned something about there being a wicked-huge Magical vortex over the city, but I'm pretty much the King of Magic so I told him to chill out because I would have noticed something like that.

There appreared to be underway some sort of preparation for a ceremony or festival, and as we got off a dirty Hume explained to me that there was indeed a Parade about to begin. There were alot of enhanced looking females around, and I could tell they had never seen a Taru like me because they were all staring. Who needs an Abyssal Earring? Not this guy.

I was trying to decide between laying low or announcing myself as the Black Magical Taru Messiah From Another World or Possibly the Past or Future when the parade started. I had never seen the like of it! Im my world such a thing was all herky jerky and had much lower polygons. Polygons? Yea, why not. I was enjoying myself immensly making eye-contct with a Very high-Res Mithra stripper on one of the parade floats when I noticed the Goobue in the parade.

A Goobue. Tied up on a Parade Float. I don't know much about Goobues but I know they don't play that $&*^.

No sooner do I open my mouth to express this thought when the creature comes to the same conclusion I have made and proceeds to go all lawn-sprinkler-octopus on the festivities, flailing and crushing and smashing his way around the parade!

Black Magical Taru Messiah it is then. I stepped to the Goobue.

"Your time is up FOUL BEAST!" Several Mithra had gathered to watch.

"Sleepga Two!!" Nothing. Not even a fizzle.

"Flare TWO! Flarrrre TWO! Flare Twoooooo..."

My powers had left me. The Goobue loomed, I stood in its shadow, disbeleiving, in shock, with glowy-blood red eyes, in despair.

"It was the *******.." I whimpered. The foul Goob opened it's hideous maw wide, relasing the foul lawn-mower clipping bag stench held within. Enhanced anatomy was not a fair trade for this, I thought. Rage boiled in my chest. I was to meet my end so suddenly, so abrubtly, after just getting here?

"NO!" My glowy-blood red eyes flashed and Dark Energy exploded from my hand, striking the Goobue in his stank-bref mouth! I still had the Magic! My heart soared! The Mithras cheered!

"Hahahaha!" That's right, back beast!" Exclaimed a Hume. Where had this flamboyant looking fellow come from? And why was he standing there yelling things at the Monster as I continued to rain bolt after bolt of Dark energy on it's hapless face? I think he was trying to get with the
Mithra Stripper from before, but she was throwing me a vibe plus she saw me whale on that Goob so whatever.

The Goobue had had enough, and fled down a street in searing agony, I think I had burned one of it's eyes from it's head. Determined to finish the job, I raced after it only to arrive just in time to see it smash headlong into a wall, almost crushing the Mithra Stripper! Or perhaps it was an Elvaan girl! Anyways!

"I was going to say, Goobues don't play that $#*^." I said to the Hume as he arrived on the scene. He ignored me and started chatting with the others. Big People. Pfft. I consulted my inner Black Magical Self as the Hume yammered on and was shocked to find I was holding a wand, and had been the whole time. As I though tback I realized the magic had come from in me, but was focused with the wand. I felt with almost absolute certainty that I could not use magic unless I had the wand in my hand. Lame.

"You wanna see the Adventurer's Guild? You're an Adventurer so you should probably go to the Adventurer's Guild." Said another dirty Hume, interupting my thoughts. I would normally slap a Hume for such impertinence but I thought in this new world, who knows what a dirty Hume might do when slapped, and me with very little magic, I decided to save the slapping for later.

"Take me." I said.

As we arrived at the guild, I was approached by a fellow Taru. As she asked me questions and explained about the city and surroundnings, and what sort of jobs were available, I couldn't help but wonder if she thought I was cute, and, more importantly, if any of my fellows and companions, my friends from another World were offered the same choice? Were they resurrected as well in this beatiful new place, and, do they also have a story like mine? Facinating...

I have decided to continue on, in this new world. I will attain new heights of Black Magical Godliness. I will defeat any Evil that threatens my new home, and I will save all who need saving. And the females! The females can see my Taru-Soul Patch now! Hahahahahaha!!!

Yours in Glory,

Bushwick Brokelegs of Eorzea
Once Bushwick the Black of Vana
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TLDR: FFXIV will most likely dissapoint me...
#3 Jan 19 2011 at 4:04 PM Rating: Default
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Caleberiel wrote:

Melaahna Valiera
#4 Jan 19 2011 at 4:07 PM Rating: Excellent
I have no clue what I just read, but you got a rate up to counter the defaults. You obviously put time and effort into that even if it makes almost no sense what so ever to me.
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PerrinofSylph, ****** Superhero wrote:
I have no clue what I just read, but you got a rate up to counter the defaults. You obviously put time and effort into that even if it makes almost no sense what so ever to me.

I think it was the intro cut scene for Ul'dah... in text...
#6 Jan 19 2011 at 4:22 PM Rating: Good
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Welcome to Uldah my Lalafell friend. If you haven't noticed already, save for the distance between our nose and toes, there is no longer anything "moogle-like" with our stature ;)

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Excellent read! Welcome to Eorzea Bushwick.
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So, I take this as in the beginning he is playing FFXI. Then is thrown into FFXIV. Finally, enters the city-state of Ul'dah?

A new player? Best of luck and happy trails.

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creative and funny, good luck in our new world

#10 Jan 19 2011 at 8:59 PM Rating: Good
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loved it! rate up!
#11 Jan 19 2011 at 10:08 PM Rating: Good
Welcome fellow Taru, enjoy your Lalafell reincarnation, rated up for the spirit and the soul of your journey.

Sing your death song and die like a hero going home.
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Welcome to the new world and happy adventuring, though this new world is rather peaceful at the moment :p

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