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#1 Jan 21 2011 at 7:46 AM Rating: Excellent
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Very excited for the feel of the upcoming story. So far it feels very FF'ish. It's like we've all just been happy Eorzan's living and working, for the most part in peace. Feeling like the Empire is the biggest threat to our well being. What dark secrets are lying in wait to overthrow the whole balance of the world. What brave warriors will join together to bring peace back to the world. What ancient beasts will be released by the forthcoming chaos. So far we are the story, we are the world. Is there a more dynamic progression for a MMO than shapinig it from the desires of those who know Final Fantasy the most?

#2 Jan 23 2011 at 1:28 AM Rating: Excellent
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You read my mind! So true. The potential here is off the charts! When else has a reputable gaming company, with the resources to make any game they want, been listening to and striving to give its players what they are asking for. And, as the poll showed, when has the entire world been so united in the direction we all want this game to take!? Short of SE pulling the plug and just scrapping the project all together, we have the opportunity to experience something truly amazing.
If it does succeed, I could see people looking back on it in the future as the birth of a new, revolutionary way to launch MMORPG's. Build the basic framework of a world and then let the players take a direct roll in completing the experience. I hadn't even thought of the fact that it really IS like we are all existing in general peace and that whatever happens next really WILL be like its actually happening in real time. Instead of an intro movie showing how everyone was living in general peace until some great evil was unleashed throwing the world into chaos, we have the current world, waiting for something to happen (content? ;P I really think, if they do this right, this game has even more potential for success than it did before its botched release.
People need to get excited and stay involved so we don't squander this opportunity. I know we would all gladly pay the monthly fee if this game moves in the right direction. What more could SE want then to turn this all around and make money...Thanks for getting me inspired! ;)
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