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Yoshi-P a Republican?Follow

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Seriously i can not tell the difference between the two <.<

Here is an example:

Q: The deficit is at 14T! What is your party gonna do about it ?
R: We are gonna lower the deficit...
Q: Any specifics as to how ?
R: Well we are gonna cut taxes here and there and over there too

Now lets see Yoshi-P

Q: This game has FAILED! What are you gonna do to salvage it ?
Y-P: Well! we gotta try new thing's, new direction's you know, while also looking back at what worked in FFXI.
Q: Hmm Ok! So content has been a major complaint, how are you gonna address the lack of content?
Y-P: Well! You know we are gonna add more content eventually... and erm more quest ?
Q: You do not SAY!? Really? Hmm! How about the battle system ?
Y-P: We will improve it to be more fast paced and fun overtime.
Q: ..... So! Will you add an AH?
Y-P: we are looking into it, it is not set in stone yet.
Q: ............. Can you be specific ?
Y-P: Sure go ahead :)
Q: What kind of content are you gonna add ? Storyline based quest ? leave type quest ? SOMETHING JUST TELL ME SOMETHING!!!
Y-P: We will add more quest and minigames.
Q: "Facepalm"

Seriously! I wanna like the guy, but he just does not take a stance on ANYTHING!!!!

i have seen better answers from random posters here, for example: That guy with the orange name and a cecil avatar or that guy with the black mage avatar whos name i do not remember right now <.< Msomething <.<

They have detailed on some post's changes step by step and how they would work out, and they are not getting big bucks from SE, yet this guy, a "Producer" cant even give us a straight answer on ANYTHING!

Seriously anybody who has played this game for 2 hours, can come to the conclusion that this game needs changes in 4 major areas of the game: Battle, UI, Trade, and content, <.<

This is what i'm looking for:

"We at SE understand that the large majority of the player base has enjoyed our storyline based quest's, but that they are spread around to thinly, what we are gonna do is, we are going to add more quest at lower level's, sort of a chain quest from 1-10-20-30-40-50 instead of having just one or two in each tier, and continue to add story based quest at the cap level, we also know that leave's feel a bit dry and not as inmersive as we would like, so what we are gonna do, is to start adding hamlets, towns, forts, etc etc, so that players can also get quest from said locations, not just from a crystal in a camp, they will actually interact with NPC'S and see how the world changes overtime."

Something along those lines is what i wanna see, not just some "We gonna add content, we will blablablabla eventually"

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Go away.
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Please don't make political threads here, it's flame bait. To be honest I play FF14 to try and forget the daily political BS I see on tv to some degree.

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Onionthiefx wrote:
Go away.
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