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#1 Jan 28 2011 at 6:50 AM Rating: Good
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I apologize if this has been asked before, but I have a friend that wants to try out the game. The problem is he's a couple states away from where I'm at so I can't exactly just give him my installation discs (I seriously rolled my eyes when I saw the buddy pass instructions) outside of airmailing them to him. The only links I found were located on FFXIV Core but they're no longer working.

So, any digital downloads available? Or am I going to have to direct him to "pirate" the game just so he can use my buddy pass? :\
#2 Jan 28 2011 at 6:54 AM Rating: Default
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Only torrent, sorry, that's the only way for buddy passes which in almost 99% are gived away to someone you can't lend the disc.

Btw. technically giving a way the disc to install is a piracy as well if you look it like that... well when he would have check over legality of software in his house he doesn't have the disc so... that's messed up, they should release download for Buddy passes >.>

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EDIT: Why the default rating O.o? I really don't understand this... someone must be retarded...

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The buddy pass tells you to loan your friend the CDs.

It's piracy when you're giving away a copy of the game in violation of the purchase agreement and tos.

When SE is telling you its ok to do it, its not piracy. Basically, piracy is taking something you want that doesn't belong to you, it's theft, however ownership of the buddy pass implies the game belongs to you, your ownship of a license of FFXIV, therefore installing it, with whatever method SE approved, (using CDs) is not piracy. Although your license is tied to your friends CDs, but who is really going to check, or care?

If you are unable to find a torrent within the next day, I can provide you a link from our webserver, we have the ISO hosted for a few of our linkshell members who got buddy passes, and our server has 30mbps upload so you can download as fast as your ISP lets you.
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