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Good time to start a new character?Follow

#1 Feb 03 2011 at 9:48 AM Rating: Good
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I played FFXIV since October and kind of got bored doing leves with my old character, which I got to phys 35 with a few fighting classes at 20ish, plus some crafts in the late teens here and there.

I logged in yesterday after the update and I liked very much the small changes they made to fights. I actually enjoyed just killing stuff with the new number animations, my head gear off and most probably it's just me, but it seemed that the game was running smoother.

Most importantly, I noticed the insane increase in SP for low levels (I got from rank 1 to 5 with a single leve) and thought: "Hey, with all this new stuff coming in the next weeks and the improved enjoyability and ease of ranking up, would it be a good time for a fresh start?"

So I created a new character, transferred my gils and stuff through my retainers, and took nearly all my fighting classes to 10 in a few hours yesterday night and this morning; I really had to log out to go to bed and for work, but it was the first time since I play this game that I felt a kind of addiction and that I felt like I could play all day.

Now they will need to implement new stuff at a constant rate because I may hit the same wall once I get a few classes to 20 again and realize I got nothing more to do than grinding and doing super easy quests.

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#2 Feb 03 2011 at 10:00 AM Rating: Good
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I only started last week and I'm actually enjoying the game quite a lot, found a nice group of people to play with and I'm making slow but steady progress (not grinding though, I really dont see the point in doing it, theres no rush to hit endgame right now).

It's all good!
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