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be creative! what type of new job would you like to see in Follow

#52 Feb 04 2011 at 5:13 PM Rating: Good
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Olorinus the Vile wrote:
For serious, I really want a pet class.

Same. I really want some type of pet class. How about the Dog Whisperar class :P Were you have the epic abilities of Cesar Milan :P

GailC wrote:
Viking's already in the game, it's called Marauder ;) just doesn't have the horn-helm (neither did historical vikings, but that's neither here nore there). But they're both sea-faring raiders.

I wouldn't mind seeing the job though :) as long as they have an ability called "Pillaige"

I posted a few ideas on a thread a while back, but I can't find it. Here's a couple of them I remember:

Herald (DoM): Uses banners (Banners/Seals of Authority) with heraldic crests to buff party members, has abilities that can increase or decrease the hate generation of other party members, maybe grant other buffs by designating places for the other party members to stand, enhance the effects of their job abilities, or grant them new abilities that are only available when they are under the effect of the Herald's command.

Merchant (DoH): Traders (Scales/Abacus) who gain SP from buying and selling in the markets or to venders.

Peasant (DoL): Farmers (Pitch Fork/Trowel) who can cultivate fields of crops, making use of weather and topography to determine what grows. Only they can harvest from their fields, but they would get an ability that would let other Peasants and Botonists harvest as well.

Bold Text Wielders of hand-axes (Battleaxe/Atlatl) who buff their party members using abilities like War Dance and War Party, and who self buff with various "masks" using the War Paint ability.

Knave (DoW): Club wielders (Singlestick/Sling), rogues, courtiers and vagabonds who use stealth and skullduggery to debuff their enemies. Abilities like Waylay (Stun), Lurk (invisible), Eavesdropp (scan).

Wayfarer (DoL): Wanderers who gain SP by traveling and finding new areas. Abilities that increase movement speed, mark their map, and allow them to "teleport" through short cuts from one destination to another as long as they've been there before. They would also have a "Malocchio" or Evil Eye ability that would scare or debuff monsters to ward them off, making travel safer.

Minstrel (DoH) Singers and players of instruments who harness the music of the spheres to assist others in battle. Their songs would actually alter the battle music as well as grant buffs.

Nice! THat would be awesome if they included some of these classes!

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#53 Feb 04 2011 at 5:46 PM Rating: Good
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I honestly would like to see Musketeer show up since they have a guild already in game. Nothing like hearing gun fire in a game.

I have an idea seriously on how they could implement new classes similar to FF tactics. For instance to unlock chemist you need to lvl alchemist and conjurer both to a specified lvl. That would really take care of some of the fatigue issue since it would force you to lvl multiple jobs and yet reward ya for doing so.

Lots of good ideas though for sure.

I do think we need a proper Knight class though.

Dancer would be kinda nice too although perhaps a bit different than ffxi's dnc.

#54 Feb 04 2011 at 7:18 PM Rating: Excellent
Somebody was karma bombing! All fixed now.
Thayos Redblade
#55 Feb 04 2011 at 7:48 PM Rating: Excellent
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****** and *********.

****** would be armed with a whip or ball and chain and take the role of a DPS.

********* would take the role of a tank and have no role except absorbing damage. Gear would consist of undergarments, and weapons would be variations of ball-gags that would deal party buffs depending on equipped item.

When both jobs execute their abilities in unison, a magic "burst" would be created.
#56 Feb 04 2011 at 7:57 PM Rating: Good
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A mounted class would be cool, like the Chocobo Knight. I also would like to also see Templar, which is like a polearm weilding knight that uses white enfeebling magic and or his own versions of cure and other buffs, as well as some nice attacks.

#57 Feb 05 2011 at 1:02 AM Rating: Good
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MinatoSeraph wrote:
A mounted class would be cool, like the Chocobo Knight. I also would like to also see Templar, which is like a polearm weilding knight that uses white enfeebling magic and or his own versions of cure and other buffs, as well as some nice attacks.

tactics for the win!
lolgaxe wrote:
When it comes to sitting around not doing anything for long periods of time, only being active for short windows, and marginal changes and sidegrades I'd say FFXI players were the perfect choice for politicians.

#58 Feb 05 2011 at 10:19 AM Rating: Decent
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Here are some interesting class ideas I've had while playing the game. They are all unlike classes found in other games and most would only work in the unique environment of ffxiv.

Necromancer~(DOW) - (My favorite) A different take than others have written so far, Necromancer would be similar to PUP from ffxi, except able to build 'pets' from various bones and body parts dropped by monsters. The abilities available would vary from pet to pet and various body parts could be swapped in and out for customization.

Levesmith~(DOH) - (My second favorite) The Levesmith would be able to forge new leves from leves contributed by party members. In this way a party who has joined up for grinding and ends up stuck and waiting for a member or for whatever reason has some time to kill could each contribute a leve for any area, and the Levesmith would be able to combine these leves into a new one for the zone in which they are currently encamped. Using this method, parties would be ensured of tailor-made content and challenges to fill their downtime. Naturally these leves would be more challenging and varied (as well as more interesting) than currently available leves.

Devotee~(DOM) - The Devotee class would earn abilities which do nothing but strengthen the character's currently equipped abilities or stats. Like MP + 200 or Magic Boost, etc. While powerful, these abilities would cost a lot of AP to equip, forcing specialization of the main class. A similar class could also exist for DOW.

Navigator~(DOL) - The Navigator class would earn abilities based on traveling, like an ability that allows a character to teleport to any previously visited camp once every 20 minutes without costing anima. The Navigator class would also receive stat boosts depending on how much of the world map has been uncovered by that character. E.G. having tread upon 50% of the world map would yield a 50% bonus to other DOL abilities. This class would also receive movement bonuses and be able to set waypoints on the map for autorun. Navigators would also have a 'dig' ability similar to chocobo digging in ffxi, and a sort of metal detector as their weapon of choice.

Bounty Hunter~(DOW) - The Bounty Hunter class would receive special notifications on the currently roaming notorious monsters, as well as the ability to fight new notorious monsters only available to that class. This job would only get rank points for defeating NM's or rare monsters, but would provide parties with challenges unavailable to those without a Bounty Hunter, and bonuses during the fight. The Bounty Hunter would also receive a number or incapacitation TP moves, facilitating drops. In addition, bounty hunters would be able to uncover special NM's and rewards during behest and hamlet defense battles. The 'steal' ability would be attatched to this class.

Adventurer~(DOL) - This is the job you would switch to in order to get quests in towns/cities and participate in mini games. Quest rewards would be the only source of rank points, in this way a character's Adventurer rank would be the equivalent of 'fame' in ffxi. Adventurers would also receive 20 more bazaar slots and would receive movement speed bonuses in towns. A special 'adventurer only' chat log would connect all members of this job through a common chat log shared throughout the world, enabling people to join up to complete quests. Adventurer points would be gained from completing a quest even if the character's current job isn't set to Adventurer, in much the way shield points are currently rewarded. A persons job could be set to this by equipping gil in their main hand slot, and it would have the 'throw gil' ability for damage dealing.


FFXI: Eugenius of Sylph (Retired)
#59 Feb 05 2011 at 11:06 AM Rating: Decent
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Those are all pretty creative, but they do sound like abilities that could be given the other current classes to flesh them out more.

Another class that could be awesome would be a Gun Mage, sort of like corsair back in FFXI, being able to do various elemental shots and unique ranged abilities would be great :D
#60 Feb 05 2011 at 11:16 AM Rating: Good
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Nice! THat would be awesome if they included some of these classes!

Thanks :D I'm sorry about the "Bold Text" thing, I messed up the formatting. That class should have been called "Brave."

Another one I just remembered was my Beastmaster homage, I called it Trapper (DoL) who's primary tools were traps and collars: they had the ability to set traps to capture monsters in the wild and then put a collar on them to tame them. Once tamed, the Trapper would have a pair of abilities called Punish and Reward that would, over time, train the monster to perform certain special abilities (this would be their DoL minigame). Other abilities would be "Rein In" which would cause the monster to go into passive mode, and "Unleash" which would set it attacking.

There was also Dervish (DoW), which was essentially a combination of Monk and Dancer wielding scimitars. Their special abilities were things like Trance State (which I think either enhanced stamina regeneration or temporarily suspended Stamina costs for a few seconds), Adagio (decreases stamina regeneration speed but increases parrying rate dramatically), and Echappe, which prevents the use of other abilities momentarily, but would automatically dodge the next attack. There was also Coda, a strong weapon skill that would also inflict damage over time.
Ealdwulf wrote:
So one of the big downsides of playing PUP, and why almost everyone hates them, is that they all display the wounds of Christ?
Sephrick wrote:
I'd imagine it as descretely reaching around said person, not screaming kamehameha as I use the pld as a trampoline.
dmhlucky wrote:
the curse of good DD's is they tend to have less Defense, meaning they get high for more.
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Its just an emote you sick son of a *****
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