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i like the grind! Follow

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Well I do...

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Son...does flamebait mean anything to you?

You could at least explain yourself, I look at the grind as a sort of unnecessary evil. Though I'm not sure I'll ever see a game that somehow gets you the xp(sp) you need to level up while offering new content the entire way so you never end up killing the same thing over and over for a while to progress. That would take an epic amount of development time and I'm not sure it's even possible.

I think the current SP reward for the grind has stuck a nice balance where you can play for a few hours and see some real progress on your character.
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The new SP makes you level up faster and that's why everyone is happy.

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I'd have to agree here. I think the reason I liked ffxi so much, (besides the friends there of course) was the sense of accomplishment I got from doing anything. Whether it be hitting 75 or finishing CoP, it all seemed kinda epic. And when i think back on it, while it was a grind, it didn't seem that way due to quests, and friends, crafting, farming, etc.
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I was in an SP party for a few hours last night. It varried between 4-6 of us and I gained almost 3 ranks in that group. We went to 3 different places too. It was fun and felt a lot like FFXI only with a faster battle pace. The leveling up itself though is taking just as long if not longer. You could blow through 20-30 in 2 days in FFXI. Maybe even one if you have a well rounded, dedicated group in the jungle or korroloka. (Not SMN burn. I don't want to talk about that.)(or Abreakssea for that matter.)
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