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Some slightly creepy questions in there involving control over your character. The obvious intention is to establish the correlation between your average basement dweller's self-esteem and game playing.
Seems quite interesting, although switching the positions of agree and disagree half-way through seem somewhat suspicious, almost as if there is an attempt to get people select what they assume is an agree or disagree when it's not. Otherwise I can't see the reason to break consistency.

Good luck with the disseration, I'm sure this will yield some pretty solid results, it's not particularly adventurous in it's nature.
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You have that many spelling errors in your post and you're writing a dissertation? O_o
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Many of the questions are very vague and could be interpreted in many different ways, which isn't a terribly accurate method of gathering information. Many of the questions are posed in such a way that the person taking the survey has to assume some level of mental instability where upon they perceive their character as being a living organism. Early on, for example, are a series of statements with which I am asked to agree or disagree with. One of these prompts states "I know what my character wants." This traps the surveyor into appearing as though they beleive their character has feelings and desires akin to an actual sentient being in that there are no answers which state otherwise. Disagreeing with the statement only implies that I don't know what my character wants rather than declaring that I don't beleive my character has emotion. Agreeing with the statement is simple admittance that the surveyor is crazy.

If I had to guess, based on the wording you use and the order in which you ask questions I think that you are trying to find some parallel between gamers and a sexual attraction to their characters which then branches off into the surveyor having a sense of sexual dominance over the character they control.

Unfortunately the way you ask your questions leaves me feeling as though your goals aren't entirely noble. I definitely get a sense that you set up your questions in a way which will make it easy to manipulate the data so that you can prove whatever point you want to make. If this is not the case then I heavily advise you to revise your survey in a fashion that does not bait the surveyor into giving specific answers.

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