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Physical Level - Unbalanced?Follow

#1 Feb 08 2011 at 5:18 AM Rating: Decent
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So I'm relatively new (and fairly inexperienced with it in the later levels of the game), but I was wondering what everyone's opinions of physical level are? From a low level point of view, it seems a bit nuts in that I've gone from soloing 2* leves with some difficulty (PL 10ish) to now destroying 5* leves solo (20ish PL).

Surely there should be some sort of cap on the stats that can be applied to your current rank, I.e. a rank 10 job should only be able to access PL stats up to rank 10 itself or something?
Perhaps people just want to try and level as quickly as they can which I suppose is fair enough, but to me it just feels like it's too much.

Thoughts? :D
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Your not destroying 5* leves because of your PL, thats because you have probably gone up in your class rank. Dont get me wrong, PL does make a difference but its not going to make or break someones game.
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Oh, well a big herp-derp to me then. I didn't realise that, but it must just be because I invested so much into VIT and HP, I guess as I get higher it'll make less and less difference then.

Thanks for clearing that up!
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Yeah your physical level helps out a bit but your stats are capped based on your rank.
Just means you'll have multiple stats at the cap instead of 1.
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