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Confuse was a spell that was actually supposed to be implemented in FFXIV but, unfortunately, very early in the manifestation of the game, the development team failed to Scan their newly-spawned software - an action which would have revealed that the program was in the Reflect effect - and ended up implementing Confuse on themselves instead.

It was a random encounter. A fierce yet clumsy battle ensued; the field was strewn with blood and *****, and the end result was an entire dev-party-wipe.

Tanaka, having heretofore relied solely upon temp-saves (retrospectively, another bad decision), was faced with abandoning the party's noble quest and starting again as a level one warrior from a tenuously-peaceful, yet-to-be-attacked village... his trembling finger reached for the console as a tear, either of indignation or sorrow, mounted upon his cold cheek...

His immediate actions revealed whence: for, unable to restrain his temper, Tanaka rage-quit. And, in hurling the cartridge at who he thought was the closest-passing intern, unwittingly promoted Yoshida to party leader amidst a chorus of his foul, angelic expletives and furious corgi-barks.

Yoshida, quelling the subsequent uproar, assured the remaining members that he was no man's fool and, placing his newly-acquired cartridge back in the console, flexed his sinewy jaw with a formidable Boost! Like a god on the prow of a massive ship, or a lion holding tight the reigns of a chariot, he pointed ahead with the manners that excite within one the will to say "captain, oh, captain" and follow. He pointed ahead with a dramatic flair -

"Um, sir, it's in backwards," whispered technical adviser Hashimoto.
"Ah-whoops ^^;" replied Yoshida, whose propensity for real-life emoticons was already attracting attention in the office, "I'll ask the players really quick! ^_~*"

An edict was taken as law, a word of command uttered by a visionary - all rallied about him! Yoshida seized the cartridge, a little worse for wear, and turned it around with a flourish and a sprightly Wrist Flick.

But yet he could not - indeed, he cannot shed the feeling of dread that stalks just behind his very eyes: he sits up, alone in a silent apartment, "Tanaka..." he wonders, "what ever became of you...?"

A voice from the night responds with naught but breathing; the window, open, was not so before. There's no one about, though; imagination, fancy, a dearth of rest and a Bonus of work - Fatigue. But yet, somehow, bathed in the cool moonlight... yes, wrapped in the cold so like that Hiromichi-cheek, a tongue shriller than all the music calls him...

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I dunno why but midway through my mouse auto-targeted the green arrow ^.~
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I wish there was pictures.

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A tale of epic proportions!
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PerrinofSylph, ****** Superhero wrote:
I dunno arrow.

Maybe you were also hit with Confuse?

Well, that makes two of us. :D

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Corgi barks! That produces an excellent image.

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One of the best posts I've ever read in these forums. You are a talented writer, RATE UP!

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