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The development and management teams continue to address the questions and concerns of the community in an ongoing FAQ. The topic addressed this time around is item repairs.


Item Repairs

Q. What determines the rank required to repair an item?
A. This is determined by either the synthesis rank or the optimal rank of the item. If both are present, the lesser of these two values is used. If your crafting rank is equal to or higher than the repair rank, then success is virtually guaranteed. If it is less, however, you may attempt to repair the item, but the chance of success decreases for each rank disparity. It is not possible to attempt repairs when this disparity is greater than ten.

Q. Does this mean that the optimal rank is used for determining the repair rank for non-synthesized items? (id est, items without a synthesis rank)?
A. That is precisely what this means.

Q. Does repairing a high-quality item require a higher rank than repairing its normal-quality counterpart?
A. The rank required to repair differing quality versions of the same item does not change. The odds of success, however, are calculated differently. For example, a rank 20, +2 high-quality item is considered as a rank 22 item for the sake of repairs. Attempting to repair such an item at rank 20 will result in a somewhat diminished chance of success. That being said, this "assumed" rank is not the item's true rank, and repairs may therefore be attempted from as early as rank 10 rather than rank 12.

Q. Will the repair NPCs ever be able to repair accessories?
A. We are currently looking into extending repair NPCs' expertise to the realm of accessories.


Just a tiny one. Some clarification on what levels things can be repaired at.

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That's actually quite useful to know (even though quite a few people were pretty sure it worked this way). At least this is concrete.
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I was really hoping they would have some HARD questions in there, like:

Are there plans to reduce the cost of repairing items from the NPC?

Are there plans to remove the fail rate on repairs?

Why the **** does this game make repairs such a chore?

...ok, the third one is just my personal gripe, but seriously... I want some information on whether or not the system is actually CHANGING. While this is definitely some useful information (for people who didn't quite get how the system worked), I just wish it let us know what to expect for the future of repairs, other than that repair NPCs will now charge an arm and a leg to repair accessories too.
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