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Craftsmanship vs. Magic CraftsmanshipFollow

#1 Feb 22 2011 at 2:34 PM Rating: Good
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Does anyone really know what is meant by "magic craftsmanship" and how it differs from "craftsmanship"? In "Ask the Devs" they said that they affect "certain" recipes but without elaborating or giving examples (typical SE evasiveness). On another thread it was opined that craftsmanship refers to the main hand and magic craftsmanship to the offhand. But that really makes no sense to me at all.

I am currently assuming that magic craftsmanship helps in crafting items that have a magical component to them. This would include almost all armor since everthing seems to have at least some degree of elemental resistance, as well has such weapons as wands and scepters. But outside of mage weapons, I don't think there are any weapons that have any magical component to them (although I could be wrong, but that is beside the point). Therefore, I am ASSUMING that if one is making a weapon it would be wise to unequip crafting gear that only offered magic craftsmanship and replace it with something that had some degree of regular craftsmanship.

But like I said, this is only my guess. The problem with proving this is that it would be almost impossilble to do so, what with all the random busts that occur even when you are crafting something much lower than your rank. It would really be nice if the devs were more forthcoming on this question.

Does anyone else have opinions on this? Or, better yet, facts?

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From my testing with quality and HQ attempts for Black Pearls. I found the more Mag Craft stat I had, the larger (average) quality gain I received via Bold Synth.

Craftsmanship = Standard synth success rate mod, from what I have witnessed.

Control helps sparking, which only occurs during rapid/bold anyways. Never seen a standard spark except using +3 mats after a few patches ago. Think that was a bug and they patched it to not spark automatically after >200 Q.

Anyone else?
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#3 Feb 22 2011 at 3:12 PM Rating: Good
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If I remember correctly, and I'm too lazy to actually find the lodestone post that said it, SE mentioned that the two stats are used for different synths. i.e. Some synths are more craftsmanship-dominate, and some synths are more magic craftsmanship-dominate. Essentially what OP was talking about, but not exactly.
On the other hand, I've been told the same exact thing that Spelunker said.

I honestly can not say either is true. I've tried various combinations of pumping one of the stats over the other, or balancing the two. In general, it seems that a higher craftsmanship stat will help you complete the synth (+craftsmanship = +success rate). No idea if that's actually true, it just seems like it. Per what Spelunker said, when I try to HQ some stuff, I can usually get approximately the same finished quality in any of my three crafting builds (that is, highest craft, highest m.craft, balanced stats). I may get more quality on average with higher m.craft, but I don't get as many successful synths to get that quality higher. For quality purposes, just using Bold Synths and Epiphany/Innovation and hoping is enough, haha.

So at this point, my idea is:
If you're grinding, get lots of craftsmanshp.
If you're trying to HQ, chances are you're good enough to complete the synth anyway, so you might as well increase your m.craft just in case it does happen to influence it.
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#4 Feb 23 2011 at 10:09 AM Rating: Decent
There is an easy way to test this if someone feels like it. I am personally a bit too busy at the moment to do so.

Perform a synth that nets you 700~ sp. Do it once with no gear on at all. Record remaining Durability, Quality, note if you destabilized or broke.
Do it again with gear that only provides Craftmanship+. Record the results.
Do it again with gear that only provides Mag. Craftmanship+. Record the results.

Obviously doing more than one synth for each of these tests would be better.
Also you would have to do each three of these tests using your primary, and then again using your secondary tool.

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#5 Feb 23 2011 at 7:27 PM Rating: Default
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Well, one syntyh each wouldn't prove much, given the randomness of breaks and all. However, I'm a 36 carpenter and have been grinding on yew half-masks for the last couple of levels. At my current level I get 382-521 SP/synth. With my normal cdrafting gear my stats are as follows:

craftsmanship 96
control 43
mag. craftsmanship 64

With this set-up my success rate without any guild buffs is in the range of 85-90%. So I decided to try it wearing nothing by my underwear. With no special clothing whatsoever my stats are:

craftsmanship 55
control 43
mag. craftsmanship 49

I did 12 synths (no guild buffs) with only one break for a success rate of 92% -- esentially the same as with gear on.

All this makes me wonder if gear makes any difference at all.

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