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So... February update?Follow

#52 Feb 23 2011 at 12:44 PM Rating: Decent
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Hyanmen wrote:
Ok a lot of people are saying this. I'm not sure if you just enjoy defending SE or enjoy vague statements but if I were SE and I was going to release a content patch in march, I would have said something along the lines of

Yes, I am the defender of Yoshida as most people here can agree with. (lol)

Simply said, they assumed they could release the quests before March. They assumed wrong. That's what often happens when trying to predict the future. Yes, they could have worded that bit better (or left it out entirely) but hindsight is 20/20.

Also, we were informed that the quests would come in the next update. We don't need to be informed why exactly that is, as it makes absolutely no difference. Assuming that things did not work out as planned should be good enough and probably true as well. It's not like they lied to us and need to right their wrongdoings.

Let's get real.

people do not want to get real
they dont want logic
they dont want reason

they want to complain and vent
because after all, they arent getting their monthly fees worth out of this....oh wait

#53 Feb 23 2011 at 2:18 PM Rating: Good
If that was truely the two updates for the month, this game should be competitive with other modern MMOs about oh... October of 2030. I really don't see how they can legitimately start charging people to play this game any time soon.
Die! Die die die. die die die die, die die. - Scarlet Briar
#54 Feb 23 2011 at 7:11 PM Rating: Decent
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after everything that's happened with this game; Yoshi or not. They shot themselves in the foot by misleading their already shrunken player base. For all those who haven't logged on and have just been reading for actual content it's an insult upon the larger insult of releasing this game to the masses. My goodwill and patience only goes so far. 6 months and this game is still crap? Not worth my time.

enough with the defense of they aren't charging us a monthly fee. I bought the CE. and NOT A THING in this game is worth even a quarter of that price.

of course they aren't charging. you can't be that deluded to think people in 2011 will pay to play this. at least non fanboi's won't.

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#55 Feb 23 2011 at 7:36 PM Rating: Good
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Vedis wrote:
they want to complain and vent
because after all, they arent getting their monthly fees worth out of this....oh wait

You mean they haven't gotten the 60 bucks back that they could've spent on a better game after playing this one :P

Anyway... SE certainly has their work cut out for them (I wager if they stick with the game at this point it would be to preserve their long-term industry reputation, but that's just me)
#56 Feb 23 2011 at 9:00 PM Rating: Decent
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Perhaps the best thing for everyone to do is to try to have confidence in the Final Fantasy title- they won't let this game crash and burn.

As has been stated before, I hope they are saving the majority of updates and content for the PS3 release to ensure the high sales they so badly need right now. They SHOULD announce though if this is what they are planning to do as doing so would keep the players in the game and excited for the future- this ambiguous not knowing what's going to happen is driving so many people to the brink of insanity and I believe to be a flaw in SE's plan.

The best idea I believe is to announce and include an expansion with the PS3 release, new/advanced jobs (bard please), chocobos, airships, new quests, new instances, and mog mansions! Announce it as soon as possible all the while giving us content, game fixes and depth for the months to come to enjoy the game. But most important of all next to content, give us hope, SE, that people could be proud to have persevered so long and to have had confidence in your ability to persevere yourselves. Nothing looks better for a company than the ability to transcend hardship and come out swing'n. (Well other than never have fallen in the first place, but you know... too late for that :P )

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