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#1 Feb 23 2011 at 6:20 AM Rating: Decent
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So i've been playing FFXIV for almost a month now.
I've rerolled about 5 or so times and finally found the character combo that i'm completely satisfied with.
Along the way i've met a few people and am in a sorta tight knit LS on figaro.

When i say tight knit, i mostly mean with their own members.
The people in it are pretty nice (despite my irritability with being talked to as if i know nothing of the game lol)
and i've made a few friends.
but GENERALLY these friends are not online at the times that i'm on, or are too high level to do anything with.

Well, i'm really torn. I really want to play and be apart of the game and of the community on the server i play on... but i feel like i'm getting nowhere on figaro.

Does anyone have any suggestions of good servers, or know of some servers with a good reputation for being open to newer players (or players that are rerolling or returning to the game?)

I just don't know what to do on the game much anymore. I manage to get a few jobs to 20 (and get all my other jobs to 10+), and then when it comes to grinding.. I'd love to be in a group with a few random people to grind some SP, but the lack of a LFG system really hinders that.

Anyway, any help is appreciated (or server suggestions)

thanks in advance!

#2 Feb 23 2011 at 6:27 AM Rating: Good
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I'd say wait until the next update to see if they implement some form of party search feature before making any drastic changes, like deleting your character.

Regarding asking questions in LS, it can be annoying if it's every 2 minutes. Sites like Alla will tend to hold a lot of information - granted, a lot of things you can only learn from other people, but if it's a simple "where do I get this" or suchlike, you can probably initially find it on here or the Wiki (if there is one for XIV? Not sure.)

If they're not on when you are, that's another problem entirely. No point being in a LS when you're all alone...
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#3 Feb 23 2011 at 6:37 AM Rating: Decent
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well i agree that it can be annoying, but i never said that i ask a lot of questions in my LS.

I rarely ask questions in there, because i do go to various information sites (partially while i'm here on ZAM right now)

it's not really about help or anything. i'm generally pretty well off on my own for information. My problem is i like to talk and do stuff with other people (in a community) and since the times are way different and everyone is a higher level than me, i can't really do anything with my LS. What i'm really interested in is having people online to talk to while i do leves or grind, and who can come grind SP with me (FFXI style partying i guess, if you had to compare it to something)

#4 Feb 23 2011 at 6:56 AM Rating: Decent
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i'd also like to add really fast...
i wouldn't be deleting my old character, probably. but i also haven't really done anything in the game yet (as you can see by my sig, rank 20 is my highest, and that takes like a day to do.)

#5 Feb 23 2011 at 2:08 PM Rating: Decent
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And the clue is "people who annoy you"...
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