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Rare armor?Follow

#1 Feb 27 2011 at 3:40 PM Rating: Decent
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Is there any armor (mostly body) that is rare? as in, if I go to the markets and look through it, have I pretty much seen all the armor in the game? or is there some armor that can only be obtained from the story, leves, other means?

I like to collect armor in games for their looks and it feels like I have everything already just by buying stuff off the market for a few days(besides all the different colors of the same thing)

BTW I do know of the Onion armor, but thats pretty much it

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You wouldn't be able to see everything in the Market Wards. Some items are Unique/Exclusive so they can't be sold, like the Onion Doublet which is a reward for rank 20 faction leves:

Other armor is crafted from the drops of notorious monsters, like the Dodore Doublet:

I see you mentioned the onion gear now. Besides that, there is ripped gear that can be obtained from leves that can be upgraded. Like being used in the recipe for

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Tattered Robe , gets crafted into the Vintage Robe , Torn Coif, etc. Alot of different ones like this if you search for torn, tattered, etc will produce items that are available during leve drops on rare occasions and can be crafted into a superior high level item.

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these all look really interesting. thanks for the help! something to hunt for :3 if anyone knows any others please let me know! thanks~
#5 Feb 28 2011 at 11:22 AM Rating: Good
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There is event gear:
Starlight Celebration

There are the Notorious Monster drops. You can read about them on the Lodestone:
Drake's Misfortune
Where the Buffalo Roam
First Blood
and Open World Monsters that drop things for crafting high end gear

and there is Vintage Gear - which comes from fixing/upgrading gear found during levequests

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