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#1 Mar 03 2011 at 11:12 AM Rating: Decent
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First, I love how the armoury system is setup. Reminds me of FFV and FF:Tactics. If gives players a lot of freedom in terms of choices. Having said that I do agree the classes lack uniqueness and the lack of iconic FF classes is disheartening. Sure we can change names from Marauder > Warrior but that doesn't fix the mechanics of it.

1) Classes need more unique ability avaliable via guild marks. These would be the abilities that would define their role in Eorzea. Current classes are rather vanilla in that almost all of them play the same. If Devs focus on the points that made them unique and tailored abilities to suit that then we have something that stands out.

2) Players need a way to define they're classes and how they want to play them. Let's take conjurer for example. You have both offensive and defensive magic. Giving players way to improve those stats would let them better create that icon they are going for like Black Mage or White Mage.

3) FF Iconic Armor. This is the kinda of milestone player go for. They want to be that class. How you make that armor work in FFXIV is a different story. You don't want a Black Mage as your healers, you want them to nuke. My feelings is instead of Class specific you make them role specific. Black Mage armor should focus on offensive magics and buff the player as such. I would add potency and lethality to elemental magic were as a White Mage armor would focus the DoM healing and defense. Paladin Armor would focus on defense while Warrior Armor would be offensive.

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Current classes are rather vanilla in that almost all of them play the same.

This is untrue. The sameness comes from the lack of tactics due to bad game design. Beyond 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 spam, the classes play completely differently from each other. Yes, you can load up on abilities from other classes, but that makes the classes LESS vanilla, because one Lancer might have a lot of Pugilist abilities, another might have a bunch from Marauder, and another might be pure Lancer.

I will say I wouldn't mind seeing more class-specific abilities, but sparingly implemented. I do not want SE to force me to play a certain job in a certain way. If I wanted that I'd go back to FFXI.

Players need a way to define they're classes and how they want to play them.

Again, this is untrue. You already have a way to define your class by chosing your abilities. You can already customize your statistics through point allocation and gear.

FF Iconic Armor.

I agree with you here. I love the idea of using gear to focus your character's role in a party. It makes sense to me given the way the armory system works.

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I'm interested to see how they improve class uniqueness without making jobs that are completely weak outside of a group. I think that will be the challenge.
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Now that my group is getting higher up(r37) in level, and I am being exposed to the different abilities working together in combat, I am seeing unlimited potential in customization and uniqueness. Now whether or not each 'unique' build will be viable end game is another question. But I know that I am going to level lots of jobs to supplement my end plan. (Hoping they dont completely scrap so my plans aren't in vein). In fact, the one I'm currently leveling(conjurer) is just to be able to get the guild marks to increase affinity while equiping a different class and raise. Then, it's on to class two of the puzzle! :)

This concept is what has captivated me and taken me from my high perch in DDO.


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