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Traits and your Racial Base StatsFollow

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This topic just came up in my LS today and I thought it was interesting and i was wondering if anyone could clearify it for me.

Basically as you know there are some Traits that exchange # of attribute points for a different attribute as long as you have that Trait equipped. Such as for example the trait "Complete Control" Converts an attribute point allocation of Mind +5 into Dexterity +5. Now say for instance on my Lalafell Plainsfolk my beginner racial base stats are

Strength | Vitality | Dexterity | Intelligence | Mind | Piety
13 | 13 | 17 | 16 | 15 | 16

I got to XX level for any job and I only put points into STR and VIT, so say at level 20 only thing that has changed on my stats are STR & VIT and everything is at the default race value. But if I were to equip the Trait Complete Control, would that kick my stats of Mind down 5 points making it 5 points below the default base value? Or did SE make it so for whatever race you are you can't go below the default values. I have a LS member who says it works and another who says it doesn't but well I just wanted to find out what others think.
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Thanks for clearing that up for me.
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